So what's the betting…


…Lilian persuades Justin to let Phoebe & co. rent the land as a goodwill gesture (read: PR exercise) after the bad publicity over the abattoir plan?

(Quite what working farmers would make of letting a couple of hundred acres of land go to waste is another matter, but heigh-ho, this is TA…)


Oh, God. You are probably right.


I am just agog at the idea of hundreds of acres to let lie fallow

Our farm house was a decent farm

78 acres

And that were a big farm for round here


Justin is a hard headed businessman. Not even Lilian will be able to persuade him to let a load of profitable land go to waste.


Fixed that for you, Nelson dere


Snork, dippers!

Mind you, Justin is one thing one moment and another thing another. But he never seemed to live up to the reputation that preceded his arrival in Ambridge. I had him down as a fool when he offered vastly more than Brookfield was worth. Then there was his dealings with Rob. He’d managed for months and months without replacing Charlie whereupon suddenly it was urgently necessary to employ the local rapist and ignore Lilian’s advice - Lilian, who had been employed to enhance his local standing.


…by generally being less able to stand? I suppose it might work, in relative terms


If I had to live in Ambridge I’d probably spend as much of my time as possible drunk too.

(Well, no, I would shut myself away in my house and ignore everyone as much as possible while using the Internet, but eventually someone would comically crash a piece of agricultural equipment through my wall.)

Edited: Wall, not well.


It’s probably the only way they can make the rewilding storyline continue. Pheobe did sound rather pathetic begging for the land, I still don’t know why it was deemed the winner, surely it’s never going to make any money so it’s going to go bust as soon as the pot is empty?


It depends on what bees inhabit the current AgEd’s bonnet. The Transition Communities movement was one of Graham Harvey’s, promptly ditched when Steve Peacock took over. When GH returned as a SW, he was behind the Home Farm waste dumping SL.

If Sarah Swadling is pro-rewilding, Phoebe and co. will get their land (and Peggy’s cash). If not, it’ll go to Brookfield. Sickening to think that the execrable Pip gets her paws on it either way.

Just seen this - looks like the viability of the project could depend on whether or not Brexit happens. Might explain the current vagueness in the SL?


That half-witted rabble not getting their opposable-thumbless paws on the dosh would be the only upside to Brexit I have yet identified. yeah, political, sorry.


I forgive you, Gus. But let’s don’t.