So, who wants to help... to perpetuate the cellar?


Summat like that, Joe!

Coffee fer me…



Grey day wiv just enough reminders that the sky used to be blue sometimes. Also Grate Big Birds.



…waiting. Patiently.


I happen to know a pilot who is currently flying his hairyplane to Finland

He flies cargo and thus is still flying
I am sure he would oblige with vodka delivery to me

How I would get it to a wee birdie is another matter…


I have onions!


The Farm Shop has had to close early today in order to allow them to restock. As the shop is an extended hut, there is talk of only allowing 1 customer in at a time.



If it has two doors, it’s obvious what they should do…

I woke early and thought “damn, now I won’t go back to sleep”, and promptly went back to sleep and slept until noon. Clearly I needed it.

Good news about the onions!


That’s the problem, Fishy

There’s only 1

Pleased that you had a good sleep



It was about due, to be fair.

And now the sun is shining, which it was not earlier.


Quiet in 'ere…

Careful what you wish for, by the way. I just cut my finger when the knife slid off - that’s right - an onion. Curses were uttered. Unimaginative but loud.


Wot? I weren’t doin’ nuffink!

Well wishes to the Gusly Finger.


It is really a very trivial cut, just a sign that The Law of Sod has not been suspended for the duration (and that me knives need… sharpenin’)


Oh Gus




Please, Dahlink.

I have qiuite a good knife-sharpening machine. But it makes a horrible noise and Frightens Cats. So that izza job for when Oaf is out on patrol, then.

The saxophonist was active this afternoon, btw. How goes it with you, dear Chatelaine?


Am ok, AFAIK, thank-you Gus

I will be going to get my newspaper later. They save it for me, & I collect it when itizz quiet.

I have my wonderful Kuhn Rikon chopper for onions



Very wise. I should get similar for the Ma, shouldn’t I?


I believe that Soo bought one too

They are very good when the fingers aren’t behaving



Are you sure you got those the right way round?


There is also a lot to be said for emergency stocks of frozen chopped onions, peppers, mushrooms, chillies…

Fresh may be better, but at least you have some chance of planning a meal, rather than relying on what gets delivered (as opposed to what was ordered…)



But no, actually I did get them the right way round. The saxophonist is reasonably good, which is a mercy, just somewhat relentless. And the cat appears impervious to it. (see also: reason, taste, sense, decency, pacifism…)