So, who wants to help... to perpetuate the cellar?


I have only a small freezer, though. And I am shopping - with caution - not getting deliveries.

What are really useful to have in stock are those cans of ready-fried onions. She said, a bit late to be helpful.


I have the onions, & usually mushrooms too, but not ATM



I have onions peppers and mushrooms :mushroom: in stock at all times and I use ceramic knives

And I have two freezers so I can batch cook things and have meals in a short time when I am not up to cooking


I have never seen those, Gus

Not likely to until this lot is over


The Lad says that an shop in Bolsover has sold its entire stock of freezers, & the next order isn’t even going to come off the lorry -it will be straight out for delivery



That is the sort of thing. And I knew about them well before bloody Delia started spouting about them this time round! That wumman gets on me mammaries to a not inconsiderable extent.

When I say ‘this time round’, I mean her relatively recent series about shortcuts and so on, not ‘How To Cheat At Cooking’, which came out in the Dark Ages and is really the poisoner’s vade mecum, imo. Not the current flapdoodle.


I s’pose, for emergencies, but I do like a freshly-fried onion. Sometimes I even put something else with it.


Trust me, they work really very well in many curryish scenarios. If fussy, one can drain them first.


I couldn’t even buy 1 onion last week, Dunnock . A definite emergency in my book



People will regret it if they try to stockpile onions. The things sprout.


I only bought four. They will have to get a shuffle on.


Hence the backup being of the frozen variety! Wouldn’t substitute for fresh where raw is required, but fine for stews, soups and so forth. And a lot less work…


The schism between the big endians and the little endians will be nothing to this…


Four doesn’t count as stockpiling, it really, really doesn’t.


We have six onions in the onion drawer

I use an onion a day as a bare minimum

Nearly every recipe starts with chop an onion and some garlic


Yeah, I know: I’m rubbish at this ;- ) But the buggers won’t get the chance to sprout!


I have:
5 red onions
7 yellow onions (varying sizes)
6 spring onions
10 shallots
1/2 jar silverskins

However, instead ovvan onion fest, I proffer a night-time medicinal.
Chin-chin, Dearies.

Soo xx


I’ll take those silverskins (some of 'em) off yer hands in a Gibson if I may, dere wee Bee. Thus killing two frogs with one stick.


Me too, Soo



Why “instead”?

I note the last sentence:

Onion wine benefits from standing for at least six months before drinking.

Possibly a misprint for “starving”


I always share as nicely as I might.
Good nights, Cellarites. Neuralgia has proved to be a beastly adversary, recently, so tip the glass, if you will, to a more worthy victim. There must be a few…
Soo xx