So, who wants to help... to perpetuate the cellar?


oh fuckaduck, Soo. I am so sorry, that is Rotten. Unfair to Bees.
As to directions in which I might tip the glass - spoilt for choice, to be honest. But Poor Wee Bee. << soothing vibes >>



Thanks, Gus :kissing_heart:. I’m alright, just a bit self-pitying. DS’ job is uncertain and Auntie Joan is in hospital. Every one of us has stuff with which to contend and I’ll bee up tomorrow.

Soo xx


I am so very sorry to hear both of those things, dear Soo. You are a Powerful Force when it comes to keeping the tides of shite at bay, undeniably, but a Bee is also allowed to feel sorry for itself when assailed by neuralgia. We all feel sorry for you too. Dammit.
Candle will be relit for Auntie Joan, you, and the DS. Will be? Has been.
They have mainly been going for the umbrella topics of human ingenuity and human kindness.


Thatizz a relief, Gus. I would light more candles than I already do, were Mr Bee not such a safety freak (I say this to his face). Deffo time for bed.

Soo xxzz


Sleep well, dear Soo.
Almost none of us are likely to ignite your husband during the night. Do tell him that: it will reassure him ;- )


I’ll just stand over here out of the way.

Orf to me nest.


I should hope so too! Whatever are they like, going round inflaming other people’s husbands…


Well, I already set fire to me own :wink:
[rueful grinnity]


I use the 8hr Tealights, & orften in an holder hand-painted in Derbyshire , wiv Poppies onnit

Am going to try to get some white vinegar tomorrow



turps or butane every time for me, Dahling :wink:


Snorkity Snork, Gus!

Can’t use Fabric Softener on the compression gloves or stockings, so use either white vinegar, or the Dettol Antibacterial Laundry additive.



ah. That comes under special requirements and, much as it pains me to say it, you are Excused Arson & Games for the remainder of the term.


I am just proffering hugs to a wee bee

And checking the fire extinguishers


That’s like being excused gin! Still, round here the spring term ends on 3 April anyway.



Bacon butties ready

I am knitting a rabbit…

And quietly going demented

This self isolating is not a lot of fun

And yrs I do know why I am doing it
Having been in hospital twice with asthma related problems this last winter I do not fancy taking up the hospital’s time treating me
So I will quietly go mad in here


No need to be quiet about it, Twellsy. Hugs ovvan virus-free kind.
Soo xx


Ach I will be all right wee bee

I am just thinking that I have the first week of indefinite quarantine complete

If I had an end in sight I could be happier about things


Sorry about the neuralgia, Soo: a compleat bee-hitch, that.

I went for a not-very-long walk in the sunshine yesterday, for the first time since just after Christmas what with sprains and bruises and gout having afflicted me for the past couple of months, and today my thighs tell me that an hour was too long for a first time. But I was enjoying it so, and there was so much to look at… The wild raspberries in the wood are putting out green shoots and even small tentative leaves, for instance, which was lovely to see, and on the drive there I saw that all the flowering cherries on the green beside the main road are in full blossom, pink and white and splendid. And the forsythia on a bank beside a hilly bit of road is blazing golden yellow, too. The beeches are biding their time, though.


There was a very heavy frost this morning but the sun is out now

Forsythia & daffodils in the garden



I have just been mightily cheered by Private Eye’s latest cover