So, who wants to help... to perpetuate the cellar?


Out in the garden. It’s a bit chilly but nice to be looking at things more than ten feet away.


A gift from the Family:

I am considering a walk. You’re right, Fishers - there is such a lot to see at this time of year.

Soo xx


Those are beautiful, Soo.


I am very grateful to have received them. Glorious, vibrant colours.
Soo xx


Oo Soo they are gorgeous

Here a sex mad bullfinch has been attacking the bedroom window

I assume it’s his reflection that is causing this bellicose display


I have been out, as I had a message that the lady selling white vinegar is not running her stall after today. I now have white vinegar, & bicarb
Whilst I was out, I thought that I would pick up my prescription.
Notice on door saying closed from 11am to 3pm.
Went & sat in my car, & went back at 3pm.

A queue of 12 in front of me, & only 1 allowed in at a time.

I came home, & will go again later.



Went back at 5-15pm

No queue, shop door locked after entry.
Managed to buy Milton too



I’d have gone for malt, myself :wink:


I have just been told off by yon Bull

I coughed

And he told me off for not farting to cover the sound of my cough



But yer a Lidy!


“How dare you break wind before my wife!”

All together now…


Happy chortle.
Soo xx


I have been musing all day on possible interpretations of Fanta’s “bee-hatch” and have decided it is how you get in to your loft. It would be a really silly name for the front door to the Hive after al… ah. Scrub that.


It was a mere typo, Madam.


Well it kept me amused for ages, so thank you, o Piscine Entity. Um, typing could be difficult, I do see that, and you manage so outstandingly well on the whole…


beehatch is a nicer way to say the word BITCH. Neuralgia is the latter and deserves no niceties. Thankfully (inna totally prostrated way) I have been set free - for now.
So - how do we intend to have our hair styled etc. or buy our gin etc. in these straitened times? Or, celebrate three family birthdays one after another (28th, 29th, 30th March)?

Soo xx


I thought bee-hitch was a clever multipun, and then blew it with a typo!


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Bedtime for bees.
Best nights, Cellarites,
Soo xx


Gin, Soo

Plenty ovvit