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Yep, I did know. I was just musing on the location of the bee-hatch. But then I have seldom found the need to put things more nicely, so the information could have been v valuable :wink:

I am so glad it has Let Up, wee Bee.
Well, we can still go out and buy gin - it is essential supplies, after all. Hair, not so much, and yuk, ovver people’s breff an’ 'ands. Birthdays - well, not going to get to the Ma on hers, which is one of those dates. but we wrote if off last week. Alas.

Doing anything that straw-haired buffoon tells us sticks in me craw, tbh

So, who wants to help... to perpetuate the cellar?

Think of the straw thatch as but the mouthpiece for others whom my big brother, having worked with them, declares to be Competent – from him there is little higher in the way of praise.


As long as he doesn’t meet anybody else between talking to them and making policy.


The trouble is it’s a classic example of crying “wolf”. I’ve become conditioned to treat anything he says as at best “debatable”.


which others? would be the important question here. Which I am not expecting you to answer, obviously. But if certain of them are more competent than they appear we are in even bigger trouble than I thought.

Also, Cummings. Just sayin’


Izz there room forran political thread of our times?
It’s all a bit bonkers, to be fair.
Soo xx


From yesterday’s Sunday Times:

Dominic Cummings, the prime minister’s senior aide, became convinced that Britain would be better able to resist a lethal second wave of the disease next winter if Whitty’s prediction that 60% to 80% of the population became infected was right and the UK developed “herd immunity”. At a private engagement at the end of February, Cummings outlined the government’s strategy. Those present say it was “herd immunity, protect the economy and if that means some pensioners die, too bad”.

Fortunately, he changed his mind a couple of weeks later:

“Dominic himself had a conversion,” a senior Tory said. “He’s gone from ‘herd immunity and let the old people die’, to ‘let’s shut down the country and the economy.’”

Aren’t you glad to be free of all those unelected bureaucrats telling the government what to do?

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Sturmey Archer’s Slipped Cogs

…not sure if any others here have seen this one? …it’s in German, but has sub-titles:


Does yer man ever get to what he imagines is his point? Because while it is doin’ wonders for me German listening comprehension, it is neither terribly compelling nor precisely relevant to the situation. imo. but then again my German listening comprehension might not be up to much. The subtitles either are also not up to much or his argument isn’t. Or both, which I think the most likely. His ‘argument’ (that there’s a lot of it about (it being, historically, coronaviruses in Glasgow, not this one particularly) and that the Wuhan people were being too particular and anyway their air is filthy and they have lots of ICU beds and thus testing and so notice innercent little coronaviruses and oh, it’s a medical conspiracy for funding (did this ouk have a project turned down for sponsorship at all?) seems to have been somewhat overtaken by events.

Glasgow is never a good exemplar. Except of mithers nae sewin’


Marginally better than the last such link I was sent, which took me to a flat earth conspiracy site…



I knew that there are lots of Corona viruses around each year . A German friend sent me a picture of a bottle of disinfectant from 2016 which clearly states that it would deal with them.

Yer Man completely ignored the speed at which this particular strain has developed into something deadly - 2 weeks, by many accounts, & I wonder how many Italians would agree with him



I defer to m’learned Cellarite whose German is up to the job :slight_smile:
we seem to be in broad agreement, Dahlink.


I have compiled my shopping list and will 'phone a few others (at a more decent hour) to see what they want. There had better be gin.
Soo xx


I object really very strongly indeed to the govt ‘instructing’ me.


I have just had a text message on my phone from “” telling me that the rules have now changed, and giving me a website to go to.

It’s funny how much I resent their doing this. For a start off, I did not give them my phone number… Someone has barged into my study uninvited and lectured me. How dare they!


Yup, that’s about the size of it.
But they haven’t got your phone number - it’s being sent out by the network providers.


Could be worse. After the “success” of Amber Alerts in the USA, there are now all sorts of other alerts too: missing military veterans, old people who have escaped from their keepers for a few minutes, policemen in trouble… none of which actually does a blind bit of good even on the rare occasions they aren’t false alarms, but all of which have to be blatted out to everybody’s phone, raising everyone’s stress levels several times a week.


WR is pregnant again??


Sounds like those “missing people” alerts people flood FaceBook with. Usually days after they’ve turned up, having been delayed for 20 minutes.

More amusingly when it turns out the young lady was engaging in some ‘overnight community activity’ and now the whole World has been made aware.

Like an extremely public ‘walk of shame’, exposed by the lasses mother.


Just be thankful you’re not in Canada. They let you get back to sleep then send it out again in the other official language. (Yes, I know my phone has an off button but I am stupid, see.)