The Politics Thread


… that let’s you turn off “the other language” ?


glee, glee, glee!


…and then there’s this one! (…shame there aren’t any more! :cry: )


Oh, I think that’s about enough, or to put it another way ‘adequate’, dere. SI at its best was great fun.


Whereas since I am prepared to go along with my brother’s word, who until he retired worked with more than one of the experts the government is taking its advice from, I am able to ignore the mouthings of Cummings and remember that I have been told these men are competent even if he is a moron.

Besides which, if anyone can tell me what is more likely to cause things to get worse than trying to grab the wheel from the driver… Or second guess the driver, come to that.

Viral DOOM

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No; he is sharing premises with a pregnant woman, and she doesn’t need that.


Also a result of his inability to socially isolate…


I cannot exert myself to give one ninteenth of a tuppenny damn about B.S. Johnson’s moll or the parasite she is incubating.


Nonetheless, I do not see any reason to wish ill on her.

Rather small-minded, I’d think it.


Magisterial indifference is me best offer


His inability to socially isolate at the moment is part and parcel of his job.

At the point at which he got wossname up the duff, social isolation was Not A Thing.


Yeah, but joe’s post did make me laugh quite loudly.


I’m not sure Marina would agree…


I thought this whole site began with a vow not to get into political debate.

Have I misunderstood ?


I don’t think you have.
Equally, I contend that this thread is not what I would describe as genuinely 'political '.


It didn’t start out as such. It’s become so, it seems. Celebrating a politicians illness because you disagree with said politician strikes me as partizan and unwelcoming should someone disagree. Any response would be seen as combative and … off we go.

It’s entirely not how it promised to be.

Disappointed of Chester.


Feral doesn’t want to vanish posts completely, but isn’t planning to read this thread. Nor am I, mostly.


I apologise
In my defense
I am going stir crazy as I enter week 3 of lockdown


Yessss, but, no, but, yes, but no, but what abaht the moles? (…just finished reading Kenneth Grahame’s masterpiece for the umpteenth time! (…favourite chapter is still “The Piper at The Gates of Dawn”)