So, who wants to help... to perpetuate the cellar?


Morning. Beautiful sunrise.
Soo xx


Mornin’ yerself.
R3 Breakfast needs a smack on the nose with a rolled-up newspaper. With a beer bottle inside.
Things are quite bad enough without Okla-f*ckin-homa!

So me Mornin’ Hate is off to a flying start :grin:


Well, we’re home. Left, as planned, the day before the island went into lock-down … possibly devastating, long term, to its economy.

The plane was fine, though a comical mixture of people and their dressing againsy the virus choices. If it’s going to lead to an abandonment of decorum then I’m officially “against this sort of thing”.

I may go on a march … on my own, of course.

Then, sitting in our stubbornly cold house and watching our dear leader announce a shut down Mrs Armresr, surprisingly announced that “the butchers in Malpas has plenty of stock and had ordered a delivery”.

I hesitated before going all Peter Kay on her and asking “do they d’liver ?”. Coz I really don’t like offal.


And this sort of thing shows exactly why a rise in domestic violence is expected.


Morning all

Bacon butties ready and fresh loaves will be done in ten minutes

I have Bengal assistance with typing

This assistance consists of a Bengal hanging on my arm - my typing arm…


I really wish that were funny, but it isn’t. People are going to die of that instead of the virus – and unlike with the virus, which seems to prefer men, it’s going to be overwhelmingly women who are killed. Damn, damn, damn.


No. or yes, rather. Not funny.


[puts knife on table]
[puts other knife on table]
[puts emergency backup knife on table]
[shucks flak jacket]
[shucks anti-stab vest]

Bin shopping.

Actually not too bad, though not a bag of flour to be seen (except for a few self-raising). Generic bulk sugar was starting to get a little scarce as well (plenty of caster and icing), and all the cheap eggses were gone.



Did you go dressed as yer Bruvver, Dunnock?



They know me round 'ere. Nice peaceable bird wot don’t want nuffink to get… broke.


We’re lucky. We get ours for chickenfeed…

Trebuchet at the ready if you can arrange a well-cushioned landing spot


Morning afternoon, joe. How are you feeling?


Not too bad - the test will come when I summon the nerve to take my temp…


Fingers firmly crossed, me dear.


Bad news - 38.0°
Good news - it was higher yesterday, so seems to be heading in the right direction

Fairly sure it’s just a cold - have all the wrong symptoms for coronavirus, but still erring on the side of caution…


I’ll keep me Tenters Hitched, Joe



Hoping that if it is cv you are one of the people who is sort of fairly sure ish that they must have had it, rather than one of the ones who definitely knows about it.




I have, this week, found a brand Noo thermometer lurking inna bag

I had better keep it with the Izal… :wink:.



You’ll be building yer own Gnursing Kit next…