So, who wants to help... to perpetuate the cellar?



I have a Noo tin of Bejaysus Fuid too…



Pssst - wanna buy a wire brush?



Gimme back my wire brushes!


Now now, we have enough wire brushes for everyone.

I even have some that goes on me Dremel.


But my wire brushes are steeped in bejaysus fluid…


Now then, no fighting

I’ll have you know that my lavatory ‘brushes’ are made of silicone



Strangely, so is my pastry brush. I think it’s a pastry brush…
if not it would have to be a very small jakes


My pastry brush is, clearly, a paintbrush. I hope that it wozz pressed into kitchen service while still innits virginal state, but I just don’t know.
Soo xx


If yer tarts don’t taste of turps you are probably Worrying Unnecessarily, dere wee Bee.


Well, yer baked tarts (as opposed to the pickled kind) from the beely kitchen are as rare as hen’s teeth, Gus.

Y’know - this lack of sleep (awoke and stayed awake at 05.30) is not as good as Thatcher made it out to be. Oops - should be across in the Politics. Be careful what you wish for.

Soo xx


Is ‘a decent’ night’s sleep forra Bee’ OK?

That’s me wish.


May I have one too please?


That’ll do for me - thanks, Gus. Just don’t conjure up the Thatcher woman, for else I’ll be up all night a-swearing.
Soo xx


I should say so, Fishers.
Soo xx


Thank you!


oooh, that’s a bit rich, you bluddy started it!



Soo xx


For the avoidance of doubt: wishes (and in a PBE, potions) for all Cellarites as would like a good night’s sleep are available. There can be no favouritism at this time of emergency, given that you are pretty much, on the whole, me favourites.

The cat is whingeing.


Well, you know that that is what they do, Gus. Bless their, erm, hearts.
Actually - give that Oaf a furfle from yer bee.
Bedtime, now. Stay well, stay safe (and all the other cruddy stuff, but I mean it).
Soo xx


Gin, Darling

You need Gin