So, who wants to help... to perpetuate the cellar?


Thanks, Chatelaine.
Such decent measures you pour…
Soo xxzz


I will do that, ideally when his claws are buried in me stair carpet. Safer then ;- )
All the other stuff that we do mean really to you, too, me dear Soo



Thanks, Gus.

Soo zzzz


I knew that Gus is a soft loving soul


At this difficult time we do NOT want rumours of that nature getting about Shame on ye.


3 of my Irish cousin’s children are giving a daily ‘cabin fever’ gig on YouTube. One of them is due to give birth inna fortnight.


It could get interesting… :wink:



Not interesting enough to post on youtube. Ewww. Please!


I hope not, Gus!
Cousin was a Midwife for years, & now lectures on Nursing, so they are in a rather more fortunate position than most of rural Ireland ATM.

The child will probably be born singing. My father was the only one bearing the Fambly name who couldn’t hold a tune inna bucket…


My brother couldn’t either

It didn’t stop them trying though :joy:



Back in the mists of time, when people used go to pubs, I remember two old boys, rather the worse for wear, singing away together at the end of the bar. I say together, but that doesn’t really cover it. They were never in the same key, and at the end of each verse would independently switch to a new one. The funny thing was that within each verse neither shifted a cent, and their individual intonation was spot on. The result was a curious form of organum, with the interval changing for every verse - and rarely to anything that could be found on a tempered instrument.


Exactly, Joe!

How are you tonight?



When it emerges they should have a bucket on hand and check whether or not it can sing before deciding how to proceed.

Although that approach might be a bit too Rural for some stomachs :wink:


Temp still up - but stabilised round the 38° mark. It was higher, so hopefully it’ll start heading in the direction of what passes for normality tomorrow. About to test again, actually, so watch this space…


Get in touch with the Mailbox - Pip could help out…


Here in rural west you can be asked to sing before you are accepted into a pub

Joe you do know that a temperature of 38 is when seek medical help don’t you?


Now 37.6, so will see what happens in the morning. I’m not in any particular at-risk category, so even if I did test positive I’d be told to carry on with what I’ve been doing anyway! Probably better not to waste their time. As I said, it seems to have peaked - it’s been dropping since yesterday.



I should probably get up and Do Stuff.



Someone probably should. I can’t, being Under the Oaf. He’s only biting gently




Aaaw bless the Oaf

He loves his Mumsie

Give him a furfle from me


[outraged shriekity]

Oh, all right then :wink: