So, who wants to help... to perpetuate the cellar?


A little unreliable, tbh. But, thanks for asking.
Soo xx


Boo! to that. Unfair to Bees, that kind of thing. Wishing you better very hard indeed.


Did I hear agin bottle being opened?

We are hoping that we can score a few rolls of arse wipe in our on line delivery from Tesco on Saturday

At least we have flour coming on Friday courtesy of friends who got flour in bulk

So 25kg will be delivered on Friday


Aye - down with that sort of thing and all that.
And this. Well, down the hatch and Slàinte mhath!

Well done with the flour, Twellsy. I can only dream.

Soo xx


Drink up before your glass melts.


Has that ever actually happened? hmmmm


Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!
Oops! I scoffed 'em.
Soo xx


You will be unsurprised to learn that I do actually have ice-glass-moulds here in the Nest.


One day, I may just buzz down to the Fishly-Dunnock’s pondy-nesty gaff (if invited) and I’ll be sure to sample such.
Soo xx


Well knock me down wivva fevver.

Actually, please don’t. I might make an unsightly dent in the floor. Or spill Useful Drink, which would be worse.


Don’t say that in That Sparrer’s Bruvver’s hearing…


I think I can safely say that if you need to visit That London without mortgaging the Old Homestead to pay the hotel bill, for instance, Soo, we would be delighted to put you up for a night or several.

Just not at the moment!


I’d not bee Sudden, Fishers. And, thanks.
Soo xx


Speaking of Sudden, Sudden Daughter rang today. She was walking to work across the empty Regents’ Park in the sunshine, and wanted me to identify one of the geese for her. My guess was Greylag, since she knew it wasn’t a Canada Goose and I know there used to be Greylags there. She took a photo and intends to send it to me some time.

I think she wanted to make sure I was still ok.


I wonder why I’ve just been emailed an ad for this?


Our sprogs are beeing very attentive, in the distant ways possible. They are clearly worried about us. I wish I could fully explain that we’re just fine.

It’s a shame about the Boy’s Birthdays, which will feature no Family Meals
SiL - Saturday
DS - Sunday
BiL - Monday

You look gorgeous in that, joe (the codeine has clearly won, in my case) and I very much hope that you are Well.

We’ve cancelled our May holiday in the Highlands. Not a big deal - we were lucky to have been able to consider it in the first place - but, the world seems to be shrinking.

Good nights, Cellarites.

Soo xx


This, ‘Sunshine on Leith’, sung by 45,000 Hibernian fans after the 2016 Scottish Cup Final as they wete keot in, allowing opposition fans to exit first, is always a marker for footy community singing.

Though Stoke fans singing ‘Delilah’ is quite a thing.


Gin, Darling

Big Hugs



That’s not for you, joe, it’s for the hens.

Don’t ask.


Oh, that has made my evening, that has. Dead spiffy, it is.