So, who wants to help... to perpetuate the cellar?


Um, hello again all. I haven’t bothered you all with my presence for a few days cos I wasn’t really fit for polite company (like you lot), being far too pathetic and sorry for myself - not cos of you know what, just generally. Today, I feel much better in spite of having had the day from hell, with a boiler that broke down, twice, the second time spilling oil all over the utility room floor. And multiple pairs of shoes, etc.

So I’m back.


And very glad I am to see you back, TFM. But oh boy, are you wrong about ‘polite company’. Just have a wee look upthread.
I am very sorry to hear both about the day from hell and the bluddy boiler, but more importantly the Bad Days.

Have a Pitcher, dear.


Ta very much Gus, and maybe I was being just a little tongue in cheek re the polite company.

I can’t resist sharing the laugh I just had at a tweet from our Chief Constable of police, who has an unxepected sense of humour (I think!). It is necessary to look at the photo.


I rather like your CC.

I think.


He’s great. TFD knows him quite well and the sense of humour is in fact genuine.


From the police I’ve known, it’s a rather important part of doing the job. I’m sure Twellsy would concur…


Nah. Any trouble, she just sat on 'em.


I’ve just been reminded of this. Alas, I can’t find the video…

…in Milan, during World Cup 1990, when thousands of Irish football fans, waiting in the mid-morning heat hoping to buy unexpected quarter final tickets (against Italy) – were penned inside large steel fencing and surrounded by police with dogs, batons, guns and tear gas. One fan made a sheep noise. “Baaaghhh”. A police dog reacted and barked viciously. Another fan went “baaaghhh”, followed by a few dozen more, then a hundred. The dogs went crazy. Police nervously tried to control the dogs. Several thousand penned fans were “baaaghhing” and the dogs were going ballistic. Finally the police captain saw the funny side and ordered his men to take the dogs away, realising the harmless good humour of thousands of Irish fans pretending to be sheep penned in.


I enjoyed this somewhat more recent thing


That was mentioned in the same article, with a follow-up in the comments:

The Irish flag (with Angela Merkel message) has taken on a life of it’s own. It was at the German Embassy this week – where the German Ambassador accepted a t-shirt saying ‘Angela Merkel thinks I’m at work’. The flag itself has been auctioned for 15,000 euros to be donated to a 3 year old cancer victim in Belfast. The group are students from Limerick University. The German magazine Bild featured it on it’s cover. The Germans certainly appreciated the humour.


I have spent half an hour prepping shin beef to go into the slowcooker

Cheese & red pepper sandwich to keep me going… :wink:



The drinks are on me!

It took long enough but as I was eating my supper I suddenly remembered that we always kept a few basic supplies in our trusty camper van, unused since the end of September. Supper eaten, out we trotted to look, and we found.

1 unopened packet of spaghetti.

1 nearly full packet of penne.

2 bottles of handwash.

2 rolls of kitchen towels.

1 large & nearly full pack of Dettol wipes.

1 half full pack of disposable gloves, and…

4 bogrolls.

It’s like winning the lottery!


Dettol martinis and then penne alla hand-gel? Yummski!


And I’ve found another packet of Izal…



Ah, yes, I see there was no tray in your inventory…

Prolly makes good armour for when you next go out shopping.


No drinks either.


An’ I’m thirsty.


Spare a thought for that poor abused ‘paper’.

Soo xx


yorra Bad Bee xx


Nope - I just like dirty toilet jokes and have been known to support shitey causes. Gin?
Soo xx


The question mark appears somewhat redundant to me, Darling, but yes, please.
How’re the neurals?