So, who wants to help... to perpetuate the cellar?


Health is OK, just the thought…




I take it that nobody objects to my tale?


I do, strongly: the casual abuse of my fellow gastropods is no laughing matter.


Turns out if you thought silence meant consent, Twellsy, you may have been mistaken!


I can assure you Gus it was an accident…

Wanna hear what happened?

Or just condemn me as gastropod murderess


Well, how bad can it be? We’re already imagining the worst…


Maybe Twellsy could write in invisible ink.


That won’t remove the pictures in my head, though…


Yeah, you’re right. Better get it over with.


I know what happened, Dahlink, and reflect on it sadly whenever I visit the Tomb of the Unknown Slug and lay a lettuce leaf.


As we live in the wilderness of the west we do get slug and snail ingress to the house

Once we were getting back to the house after a rally after a long drive with no stops

Consequently I was in need of the toilet when we got home

Soooo I charged to the bathroom and sat on the toilet to urinate

I noted the toilet seat was wet and cold in one spot but could not immediately inspect the seat for obvious reasons

When I had finished I turned round to look at the seat and discovered a most of a slug that was flat and somewhat squished with innards on the outside

The rest of the slug was on my rear end…


And it was just trying to keep it warm for you…


Well the default state of slugs is colder than human flesh…


I dunno: outlying areas of the Gusly Arse can be pretty gelid at times, or so I have been told.


I’ll defer to your greater experience…


Who told you Gus

And how did they find out?

We should be told…


Actually, I think you may have mentioned it before…


Actually, you deffo did, Twellsy. But your story izz no less yuk for that :wink:
I have been buzzily occupied with setting up Skype contacts and having some happy chats with friends and family. Plus a walk inna place previously eschewed by locals…

Soo xx


I’m not certain to what your question refers - if your own UKEGK (Unfortunate Khazi Encounter of the Gastropod Kind), you had mentioned it, either here or elseboard, before.
If however it concerned the chilliness of my own hinder end, then a) that’s classified; and b) information is only necessary if imagination is absent. But the tale that there are regular dog-sled runs across me left buttock is just a vicious rumour.