So, who wants to help... to perpetuate the cellar?


They won’t let me have a goat, either. But we have got a smoking area. And all the other amenities. And the company. And we prefer you without broken bits, on the whole. And ourselves, come to that.


Quite right too…




I told you not to build the barbie near the firework store…


Talking of firework store, spot the one in this amazing short film from NZ. It was the best film I had the pleasure of seeing in 2018! Brilliant ideas, funny, and most creative! (…lots of in-jokes/asides) - Enjoy:

Here’s a link to an article about in in the New Yorker:



Thank you, Sturmers. Shall watch it anon.
No one else in the cellar is a pyrophile, after all ;- )

Actually, no I won’t, because the video is unavailable to me here, boo. Not that one is feeling pyrophilic in general at the moment, of course


It’s on youtube, and also on the New Yorker web-site. It’s also available on amazon Prime. Good luck! BTW the film is only 8 minutes in length but (IMNSHO) quite magical, and (…did I mention?) there is a kitty! :smile:


Yay - the joys of VPN!

Loved the helicopter. It appealed to my sensitive, caring side…

(A twist that would have made Pargetter’s Plummet even more memorable)


I thought the attention to detail was pretty good - e.g. when the fire-truck comes out onto the street, check the way the rear-wheels and suspension move (…pretty accurate, I think!)


Aga! (…that must mean flepjecks! …or even casseroles!) :neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face:



That’s pretty.
So, a bulk delivery of Weather, then?


High levels of rain and hail driven by a very very strong wind

Has it landed with you TFM?


It’s just beginning to get going, the rain is just starting but wind only up to 35mph so far. The sky is almost black looking West though.


83 mph gusts and still deepening…

Stay safe TFM


Horizontal rain here…


Not on this screen, though d3ot (which is how it starts before it gets into diamonds with ?s in them) might be a reference to three dot water.


Have you the horizontal hail in with the rain Joe?


No hail here, yet

Plenty of rain & wind though, & iizz chuffing cold

Another bad night here, but the morning was enlivened (!) at 8-45am when the Pharmacist from our GP practice called

Apparently, the results of my bone scan are outstandingly good , given that my BMI is high, & I am an smoker



Well, hurrah for the bones being sound! I would call that Good News. Did you do a lot of skipping as a child?


Itizz indeed Good News, Fishy

We all skipped as children, well, the girls did, because there were lots of skipping games played in the street/playground. I’ll have you know that I was ‘dainty’ then. My Mother didn’t think that my legs would hold me !

How times have changed…