So, who wants to help... to perpetuate the cellar?


Sorry - that link didn’t work at all, so I deleted it.

I think so - it certainly sounded rather percussive. I wasn’t about to go outside to check, though!

Seems to have passed - it’s now eerily quiet!


Yes we got the eye passing but the wind is picking up again


And now there’s a strange bright light in the sky…

I think the rest is likely to pass us by - at least, that’s what the radar seems to suggest (the blue dot is us!)

Looking a bit rough for TFM & Soo, though:


I think I must owe Twellsy and Joe a big thank you for taking the edge off this one. I have no intention of going out in it but so far, it could be a lot worse.

Though, there are reports of trees down all over the place, and a bin lorry has blown onto its side in Onchan.


Skipping has long been said to strengthen the bones of children, Carinthia, and the effect is supposed to last the rest of your life.

I discovered this when I was forty, when it was a little late for me to try it: it only works before adolescence sets in, apparently.


We now have that weird ‘centre of the storm’ light - when the skies all around are dark but the sun is getting through just above. Oddly creepy.


Just in case you’ve forgotten, when someone asks you if you’re a god, you say “yes”.


I am prepared to admit that I am divine - divinely daft!


I was, & am useless at any form of sport, so it’s prolly a good job that I skipped!

Ballroom Dancing was the most consistent weight-bearing exercise I did for years

Shades of Joyce Grenfell…



Sometimes I think my bones are the least dense thing about me…


My bones are properly dense

I skipped and danced everywhere as a child

I still can dance galleon like


Stately as a galleon, Twellsy?


Am constructing an Martyr & Garlic Mushroom sauce to have wiv Meatballs

Itizz cold, wet, & blowing an Hoolie ,so I feel the need of Summat Substantial



Wot a Very Fine Idea, Carinthia.

A good solid beer to go wiv it?


Please, Dunnock



[slow careful pourity]

annanuvver for me.


Burble-bee reporting on duty in our beautiful new Cellar.

Had a very good sushi lunch with DS, who is in fine fettle. The rstaurant was chillingly cold, so I am now sitting with a hot water bottle on my lap and sipping a ginger wine/brandy combo. Just the jobbie. Speaking of which - I have ordered some bamboo toilet rolls and shall be sure to report back on their efficacy, in the fullness of time.

Soo xx


The rain is pounding at the windows here

Carinthia. xx


Rain’s just starting here (at least at the back of the house; I haven’t been listening at the front).


Ah. A defective Whisky Mac.
Must say, I am rather taken with the notion of a Dirty Canadian, although I have my doubts about the palatability of the actual drink. Janie? Janie, come back