So, who wants to help... to perpetuate the cellar?


I can’t help thinking it would curdle. Either before or after one drank it.


Good grief, Gus, puke! And where does the Canadian component come in? Not a drop of maple syrup nor even dram of rye whisky! Perhaps you are supposed to stir it with a beaver’s tail. No, that wouldn’t work …


After you feed it to your friends, you have to emigrate to Canada to get away from them?


Or after you give it to a friend you have to apologise to them.


Saucy or what? The drink sounds vile, but my preferred cocktail will probably always be a mojito.
Soo xx





Locates Bucket



Share nicely, Carinthia. Barf!
Soo xx


That is a bit baffling, I agree. Possibly some loose association in the mind of its onlie begetter (I hope to God two people didn’t have this idea: they would constitute a Movement, and a dangerous one at that) with Canadian dry ginger - you know,the sparkling, non-alcoholic, fizzy and quite pleasant mixer - when they saw the ‘ginger’ on the Stone’s bottle?

I appear to have caused more distress than I bargained for by posting that link and I will go away and have a good hard think about myself and the sort of poster I would like to be < and there was much rejoicing throughout the land >.

My dear papa would often give me ginger wine while he had a whisky mac, when I was but a young and horrible Gus, possibly infesting the upper fourth.


Don’t go away, Gus! I am quite recovered after a good barf and remain cheered by the dirty Canadian (for some reason).
Soo xx


I used to be certain my favourite was a proper Margarita (for which I have a preturnatural capacity), but then a certain Dunnock introduced me to the French 75. It’s a close-fought contest and I probably need to have lots more of each to come to a considered decision…


I have sourced an supply of small buckets for the cellar

Colours coordinated, of course


Do we have an Sluice?



And a sluice-meister, one hopes. Did far too much of that w#rk in a previous life.
Soo xx


Nah, we want a Van Leyden-style sluice…


If a sluice is needed, have a word with Darrington and I am sure he can cause one to occur.


…sounds like a job for Cornelius Vermuyden, remember him?


That light I referred to earlier, someone (not me) managed to capture it…


Wowser! That is spectacular.


Indeed it is!


Sir Cornelius Vermuyden, do you mind?


That’s the name, however the one I have in mind was from the old board.