So, who wants to help... to perpetuate the cellar?


Taken by a Douglas PC from the back of the police station. They do have their uses.


That photo is just fabulous, TFM. Positively Vermeerian.

Soo xx


Of course peelers have their uses

Who else clears the drunks away and protects tribes from each other deals with traffic and finally tries to get appropriate help for the mental health cases that are not enough for hospitals but certainly need help with living in the real world

And the odd
All the above only start to give a flavour of poliss work



My dense bones must be weighing heavy…:wink:

Have been asweep on the sofa for a couple of hours in a bid to shift the 'eadache



I hope it has been shifted, dere Chatelaine. We are agin Edakes, on principle, let alone when they infest valued Cellarites.

Have a good drink of boring stuff and a little drink of proper stuff and hie thee to bed. Or is that a ridiculous suggestion? I shall be tottering bedward the moment I press ‘send’. We could do a synchronised snoreathon.


Gosh Twellsy, I hope you don’t think I thought otherwise. I have immense respect for them - and you - I know I could never have done the job.


They help teach young birds important life skills and key phrases like “I dunno nuffink” and “nevereardofim”.



Ach I was trying to be amusing about what I earned a crust doing

Basically in Belfast we were society’s dustmen and women

It was a different time and sort of work in my day - we were rough and ready to get evidence gathered fast as we were constantly looking over our shoulders for the threat of attack

That and to keep our squaddies who were protecting us from doing bluddy stupid things

Gawds help them they were only childer and full of briefing that everyone was after them so they could get a touch over excited


I’m still fond of the “laundry special offer”. Every house in the area gets a flyer about it, big discounts with the flyer. The laundry does a quick explosives swab before washing, and correlates that with which slightly-different flyer went where… and nobody gets hurt.


We once broke into a washing machine

A rocket had been fired at our station into the rec room

This miffed us slightly and as we saw where the rocketmen on our cameras had gone we raced to the house and opened the door to find gents in their undies and a washing machine starting up
They were arrested and the machine opened with the aid of a baton before it got going fully
Our pet squaddies were absolutely in need of clean trousies


A generous word to use to describe them.


What I think of them is unprintable!


Have braved the gale to make a long tough flight of about an eighth of a mile to Local Pub. 'Cos that’s where the Sussex Best is.

(And snooker on the telly but you can’t have everything. At least it’s not one of those “go and buy something then try to sell it” shows. Though I remember snooker being more fun when I was a hatchling, when they didn’t make every shot every time.)


In Black & White, Dunnock ?

Awful day here, with a fair bit of Wevver

Another rubbish night too






One of our family cats was terrified of snooker on television. Whether it was something to do with being a very black cat with a very pink sphincter, who can say?


Blimey, it’s rained today. Our BBC NW weather forecaster, Owain, has just told us tomorrow will be better. He showed us his red socks too.

Twellsie will know Owain.



No she won’t


Oh, do you not watch newz & wevva from BBC North West ?

He’s well worth catching.


We get BBC NI over here.

For the time being, anyway…