So, who wants to help... to perpetuate the cellar?


Geographically speaking, I am totally bamboozled (in other ways, too, tbf).
Soo xx


It has been blowing a hoolie here most of the day and, intermittently, raining with brio and enthusiasm. As a result, the Oaf has spent a lot of time with me. This is very pleasant in one way, as he meeps conversationally from time to time - a small price to pay for having repeatedly to rescue row counter, crochet hook, etc from the wandering paws and teeth - and is generally a pleasantly sociable purry lump with sprauncey whiskers. But he has been quietly emitting flatulence of a rancid pungency that has had me checking under the table for sudden senescent labradors and the like.
It’s quite the blessing that this is a draughty house, sometimes.

He has just gone Out. Took him a bit of thinking to decide on going fully through the door (the cat people of the Cellar will recognise the syndrome) but what on earth good he imagines lashing his tail furiously at the wind will do eludes me.


English is my first language, honest it is.

‘what earthly good’ or ‘what on earth’ good are what I was aiming for, but I fell between two farts stools


Lash yer tail furiously, Gus. Sometimes it’s all one can do.
Soo xx


Lashing like billy-o, wee Bee.
G xx


Ah gwan! Just a large one.
Soo xx



Annan Large Vodka too, please



[pourity] [pourity] [pourity] [pourity] [pourity]

Wind seems to be dropping here in the Soft South, though there’s still the occasional gust and the Windpocalypse Warning runs till 5am.


Northumberland hazz had it easy, Hedgers. I doubt that the wind has exceeded 30mph, for the past couple of days. Yay!
Soo xx


I have tamed my knitting so I think I need a huge gin
It took B to get me untangled and even she got things wrong

Still I am underway now and this yarn is sooo much faster than the cardi of 4 ply alpaca that is my favourite garment just now as it’s soft and warm and not a heavy coat


Tamed knitting izza definite plus, Twellsy.
I’ll buzz off to bed. Good nights, Cellarites,
Soo xx


More Gin, Soon

Seeing a GP in the morning, to admire my dense bones. Have managed to get an appointment to have my hair cut before I see him.

Rheumatology on Thursday, & Practice Nurse Friday pm, so it’s a full week.
On Friday evening, The Junior Darlings are taking me to Bristol. We will be staying with GD & Fiance in their Noo to them house.

Christmas Dinner will be Sunday Lunch, apparently.



Ever the optimist :slight_smile:


Groogh & also bleugh.
Not so much rise & shine as slump & glower.
Bah humbug.


I feel suddenly tempted to put a miniature of The Botanist on a fishing line and dangle it over your head.

But I won’t because I am a Good Bird and like my wings where they are.



That would certainly catch my attention, Dunnock. But you’re right - could go badly for the wing sockets


No it wouldn’t!

That wee birdie has my full protection and so not a fevver is to be harmed or I start administering summary jurisdiction of a percussive nature with a baton!


You aren’t really worried about the Dunnock at all; you just want All The Gin. I am not fooled.



As if I could get near it without cutting myself on limpet shell!

Limpets don’t half motor if gin is around to ensure they get some*

*for some read most of


Yurr, well - thirsty work sitting around all day in salt water, innit.