So, who wants to help... to perpetuate the cellar?


I would prolly go for That Fish’s recipe for macaroni tuna - which is basically a really good macaroni cheese, plus tuna. If they wanted foofy I’d add sun-dried tomato, but yer basic ketchup works too.


There was a competition in Austria run by an electrical goods company. The prize was a superior fridge freezer.

The brief was your best dessert, which could be frozen.

Lots of lovely recipes came up, & we, Jozef Publikum, could vote for them every day.

I made an official complaint when slices of frozen watermelon started to get hundreds of votes…



I have had the sort of day where absolutely nothing goes right but nothing goes quite wrong enough to have a really good satisfying whinge about it.

A large drink, an early night and try again tomorrow, I think.


That is in itself whingeworthy, dere. But I hope the Large Drink helps.


I would do a tuna and egg pie with tinned tunny fish


Have a hug


Aw thanks, a Twellsy hug is always welcome. Good to have you back from your incarceration btw - and to hear that you’re (largely) behaving yourself,


Steady on, TFM

We’ll not be able to do a thing with her…

Have put the Recycling Bins out. Itizz starting to rain again…

Liberates Pitcher



Might they be causing it, dere?


Just in time for Denis


I have a lovely recipe for pasta shells with a garlic, canned tuna, caper, olive, parsley and lemon juice ‘dressing’. But, it’s all in my head. It’s named, by my family, Disaster Pasta, as I have often made it inna hurry to keep diplomatic relations alive - like when DD and I missed our connection from Edinburgh to Newcastle and our return tickets cost a ruddy bomb, with Mr Bee awaiting our arrival. I aced it. Go me.

Soo xx


Very wise to have summat like that to produce, Soo…




To be said with emphatic assonance, I hope, whether you favour Disaahrster or Disasster. I have had that dish, or something very similar, and it is v.v. good.

dear god, I appear to be turning into Bridget sodding Jones. Must try harder to not.


Don’t worry, Gus. Unless you produce your knickers as evidence. No, really…

Mais, oui. Merci, Chatelaine!

The thing is, Auntie Joan (yes, I know we’d moved on) is the only blood relative from my Dad’s side with whom I have any contact (apart from Sis). You’d need to meet her, to know why she is so special. I’ll beekeeping an eye (5-7 ovvem) on her, as she’s vulnerable and I need to know how to help.

Friend will be around forra cuppa anna chat, in the morning. Mr Bee and I will pop up to our favourite birdwatching spot, afterwards. We have had to completely deisist in feeding our garden birds as Ratty was spied climbing through the bushes and onto the peanut feeder, this afternoon. Ratty’s nickname rhymes with rat.

Soo xx


I like the cut of Auntie Joan’s jib, Soo

The stockings are ‘Altiform’ ,apparently



The bin-wagon manufacturer could well be Dennis.


You’d love her, Carinthia. The Cardiac Nurse Specialist is due to vist, tomorrow, so I’ll try to 'phone when she has been, without causing AJ any unwelcome exercise to reach the 'phone.

It’s all been a bit too me-me from me. I must go to bed, however. Please know that I wish you all to be as well as possible and good nights, Cellarites.

Soo xx


Don’t be daft, Soo

We have hardly seen you today, & we needs to know what is going on

Don’t ferget yer Gin



Thanks, Carinthia.
Soo xxzz


Couldn’t put it better meself…


In the event of pumping being required, so might the fire appliance. Do they actually make anything else?