So, who wants to help... to perpetuate the cellar?


Or … “You have … you just didn’t hear it !”


Have negotiated a substantial reduction, so summat has gorn right, forra change



AttaTwellers! (and also AttaBull for putting his hoof down with a firm hand).
The relatively low-maintenance dinner sounds very good, something one might choose on its own merits, not merely because it doesn’t require much faff.

Much the same can be said for my supper-under-construction - belly pork, onion and apple korch, in the slow cooker. Easy to get going, economical and - I think - rather good. Also, there’s three meals’ worth so that’s two lazy days in the bank, as it were. It does help if one turns the slow cooker on, of course… but I cottoned on to that fairly quickly this time.


AttaChatelaine! too, then.

Talking of which, sort of, has anybody seen our Bee?


(lays out the Bee Lure)
(fills it with Hendrick’s)


Chinese style belly pork here, as I don’t know how long it has been in the freezer, so it needs using



We is wummin of taste and discernment wivva proper appreciation of the Pig, Dahlink.

On an unrelated note, how are the eyes and so on? You’ve been a bit silent on the subject.


Eyes seem to be improving, but the Revolving /Revolting Vile Lurgy seems keen to have another go




Right chatelaine

Have these healing thoughts to wrap yourself in

And be aware that my broom is ready

I will just search out my pink lacy thermal flying drawers…

In other news I am in shock…

I bought a single decent sized loose potato

It cost 85cents!!!

That has to be expensive for a spud


You are paying for its, um, flexibility of outlook, dere.


Bah! Out upon it, fie upon it! Unfair to Chatelaines.


Apparently it goes on for weeks, but I’m going to ignore that bit…

Nurse is 'phoning me tomorrow, so I will tell her all about it!

Poor Nurse…

Eyes must be better, as I have just darmed 1 of me ruinously expensive compression stockings…



Better than ruining one of yer darned expensive ones, Dahlink…


Please, Dear

These are the made to measure ones which acquired 2 holes on their first outing…



medi, by any chance?


Summat like that Joe

Carinthia. xx


Here I am - you lucky readers.

Have been visiting Auntie Joan, who hazza chest infection, poor kidney function and dreadful oedema (to add to her post-heart-attack status, diabetes, more-or-less-blindness etc.) and she was her usual astute, funny and lovely self, if a little tired. She puts me to shame but, I feel buoyed up by her resilience while worrying all the more about her. She listens to TA, poor thing.

Back later,
Soo xx


…and it doesn’t sound as if she has her troubles to seek without that. Hurrah! for Auntie Joan, and here’s to the swift departure of the chest infection at the very least.

Glad to see a Bee about


Have just been watching part of the BBC tv programme about Britain’s best home cook.

The ‘make summat good out of this’ challenge involved 2 tins of tuna.
2 made salads

It’s the semi-final of a cookery competition ffs…



Oh wee bee

Aunt J has fellow feeling from me

Infected chesticles are NOT fun