So, who wants to help... to perpetuate the cellar?


My alternative explanation for the presence of befrocked blokes with bells was a secret outbreak of leprosy (or possibly a time-slip). Perhaps I should see whether there are any vacancies at the WHO…


It’s when they bring the book and candle you need to worry.


What, me personally? What are you trying to say, joe?


Of course not! But god-botherers get funny ideas…

Come to think of it, it’s their ground state


There was a theory among my former colleagues that I sizzled when crossing consecrated ground… A couple of funerals when I stubbornly failed to combust at the graveside did little to quash it, for some reason.


If we walk round you rapidly anti-clockwise do you turn into a bat?


Try it and see where it gets you. Apart from dizzy. And breathless, the Gusly circumference being quite some distance.


Consecrated ground sizzles when I cross it.


Yeah, but that’s less innate actual evilitude* and more yer arsonist propensities, I suspect.

*“I have never been so insulted in my life”, claims the Sparrer


Oh, no, I’ve been much more insulted than that. Good old Vinnie; I wonder what happened to him.


Well if you must hang upside down…


To which I’m always tempted to reply: “Really? You should get out more”


It was bright & cold this morning

Now, it is very dull & cold

I should go out & pick up my prescription at some stage, but not yet…



Making curry for this evening on the grounds that it is a good warming thing to have. Also that I am trying out a new recipe.


Oh - that was you, was it?

(Last two minutes - the start time option doesn’t seem to work)


[interested squeakity]


And now I see Quatermass and The Pit (the proper BBC one as above) has been restored and cleaned up. Definitely tempting…


Haven’t got out yet, as I am engaged in an online Chat with TalkTalk about my Landline/Broadband Package




I recommend Zen. (I use A&A, but they’re a bit more for techies, feral or otherwise.)


The Bull took me shopping on wheels

I am only allowed to cook nearly no cook stuff so it’s a baked potato with beans and garlicky pork sossiges for dinner

I really am trying to behave so I am playing with my knitting

The sausages are a treat for me