So, who wants to help... to perpetuate the cellar?


A Welsh cold, do you think ?

If so it’ll last about 6 days and give up, then drone on & on blaming the English for everything for 'weeks. Oh, OK, centuries.


Our Internet connection is seriously carp, atm. Nothing that an icepack might solve.
Now I have you - yay! for Twellsy. Enjoy the gin and freeeeedom.
How is our Chatelaine?
Sympathies to That Gus, for yet another cold.
TFM - little wound? I daren’t ask, but heal well.
Kind wishes to all Cellarites and best dreams.
Your bee,
Soo xx


Gin, Dear Soo

Have been asweep forran hour, having hit the buffers abit. Same thing happened yesterday too.



Thank you, wee Bee. It is a bad habit, I know.

Sorry about your internet. Speak sternly to it.


It could be the same cold, Gus

I keep being revisited by the bad froat & 'eadache




Am ome safe.



Tsweep well, Dunnock



Just knocking back some bread dough


Coincidentally, I have also been knocking back something involving yeast (hic!)


My device says that it was three hours ago you posted that, Twellsy. Not really taking things easy, is it, not as such
< Beady Glare >

And as for coincidental joe…


I mean, really!

That was before the


After yesterday’s yardarm, mind…


Fresh loaves out of the oven

I knocked back the dough I made by throwing water oil yeast and flour in a bowl which I left to prove without kneading

I knocked it back and shaped it by sticking it in a silicone tin…

No effort

I let the yeast take the strain…

I am now trying to do knitting sums

The pattern without a cable is 90 stitches

I want a 4 stitch cable so 8 stitches

98 stitches

Is that right?

As the bottom rib is 8 stitch repeat I want to work in 8s

The first stitch on every row is a garter stitch

Please say I can at least do me sums and cast on


Stitch number sounds right - 12 units of the rib, with a 'spare at each end, Suggest you always knit the last stitch of the row on the ribbing and slip it purlwise as the first stitch.

So, first row: k1 [k8, p8] six times.
Second row:s1pw [p8, k8] six times, k1


Thank you Gus

I tried to start in hospital but trying to concentrate to count in hospital is a nightmare

They say you rest in hospital - NOT in my experience!!!

What with phlebotomists physios HCAs nurses cleaners doctors students shop assistants kitchen staff waiters and men in frocks ringing bells at you ALL trying to gain your attention through the day amidst the cacophony of machines going beep or ping or bong or squeeeweeweewee with any combination in full quadrophonic with a slight time lag between the sources I defy anyone to rest in hospital


You what now?


Yup men in frocks wandering around with a cup in one hand and a bell in the other offering the body of Christ…

At least this time I was not in a ward named after a Pope or a saint!

I worry about the clinic’s structural integrity when they put me in wards named after holy people

Thunderbolts of deities’ displeasure are so damaging to buildings after all…


My first reply, which I deleted before posting as being in bad taste, was ‘Blimey - were you that ill?’
But I feel it is a shame to waste bad taste, so there you have it.

You are of course entirely right about hospital being definitely no place for anyone who’s a bit below par.


Yerrrs the bluddy infection of the chesticles doing the rounds is a bit of a bugga

And I have been rather unwell with this one all winter

So I hope with brighter days that I have done with this one for good


Get well soon - hope radio reception is good there at least…sounds grim…how is grub or are you off it?? Has Jamie Oliver worked any magic in your Krankenhaus kitchen??


The ‘Winter Ward’ at our Orsepiddle remained open all year, last year. Things are just getting busier & busier.
Imagine how it would have been in the Plague Pit, Twellsy.

Try not to build Rome in a day, or you’ll be back in Orsepiddle Toot Sweet