So, who wants to help... to perpetuate the cellar?


Good point, joe. I trust that Twellsy is properly on the mend and I am very definitely delighted that she’s home. ~~~~~~~~~~~~Twellsy!
Soo xx


Bacon butties all round, then? Though I think perhaps our Bee does not do bacon.


Your bee deffo does do bacon - a lovely treat!
Soo xx


Well I’d better get going on it then. Hardly fair to expect the lovely Twellsy to set to the minute she sets foot in the door. It will, therefore be Canadian peameal bacon. And sourdough from our lovely bakery.


Me plate \_______/

Soo xx


Might get some ciabatta on the go tonight. Made it reasonably successfully (and, this time, intentionally) on Monday. Bit of a faff (it’s like trying to mould water!) but it did taste good. Having to plan it at least the night before is a pain, too–in factI originally planned it for Sunday, but was overtaken by events (and visitors) so the poolish ended up developing for about 36 hours! Then you start the fold/rest for 45 mins sequence–three times…


Joe ciabatta is on my list of bread to master

I do a reasonable fouccacia that’s oozing oil so is not a diet bread


I went to the same source as the baguette recipe:


That looks good Joe

I am now clutching a POSH gin in a glass with fevertree and lime



Welcome home!


Any fortifyin’ Pitchers going?

I seem to have been donated a filthy cold which, though I hate to be ungrateful, I neither want nor need. Emerged from me nap in time for TA; this was, as it turns out, a mistake.




Thank you, Sparrer.


Any left for me?


What do you think?

That Sparrer might have reserve supplies, though.


Some for me too please, if so. I’m going quietly insane here due to the most unbelievably intense itching from this little wound. And it is still much too sore to be able to scratch it.


Oooh, nasty. Icepack?


I’m not sure you’d suggest that if you knew where it is.


Ah. I do see that that that could be tricky.



No problem, it made me giggle.