So, who wants to help... to perpetuate the cellar?


‘It’s good to to talk.’

But not that good, evidently…


Tip for extending the life of your lightbulbs.

Do not knock over the lamp they are in (together with any vessel containing, as it might be, wine). It only leads to lars porsenography and general unpleasantness. And swabbing down.

I blame the cat. He was outside at the time. Actually, it was leaping up to answer his plaintive yowl for ingress that was the immediate cause of the lamp being upset. But that isn’t, technically, his fault as such.


I blame the leaping up, meself…

It’s a wild & windy night here




Silence. The first time for 5 days I haven’t been hearing constant roaring wind. Bliss.


Trees mainly upright and still here

I am waiting for my nerve block with poppy juice for my edake


Just because he has a Fancy Cat Door that doesn’t mean he won’t yowl for ingress…


wiv frost on the solar panels.


Keeps the electricity nice and fresh, that.


Yeah, you don’t want stale electricity. Next thing you know someone’s starting a Bucks Fizz cover band.


Fronted by the Mime Prinister?


I was just trundling along on the motorway to spring 3Wells, comfortably on the speed limit (120kmh here), when I was overtaken … by a hearse …



Also snork!, but the hurrah! takes precedence.



Don’t they normally go dead slow.

Coat. My coat. I need my coat.


The passenger was worried about being late.


Very glad to hear Twellsy is being sprung.


The best news I’ve had all week.


A veritable wellspring of delight!


So long as it is because she is well (well, weller) and not because she has made hospital too hot to hold her.


Wot, wor Twellsy? Surely not.



Heavens, you mean she installed both her trapeze and trampoline?


Fair point, but speaking from experience hospitals here are reluctant to release people until they are absolutely sure that they’re on the mend. I was only supposed to be in for a few hours, possibly overnight; it ended up being a month.