So, who wants to help... to perpetuate the cellar?


The pub is downwind from the house.

I may be some time.


Hoolie still at it here, with more snow, or so we’re promised.

It may be difficult to get back from the pub, Dunnock…


And we have hail…


In Dublin, waiting for 2pm appointment with consultant.

Plus ça change…


I hope all is well, joe - apart from their rotten time-keeping.

Grand lunch out - insalata caprese followed by arancini - but I’m very glad to be back indoors. Incidentally, I mentioned that I had taped the letterbox flaps inside and out last night - the Amazon delivery driver managed to post an admittedly slender parcel through the hole, regardless. He might have unstuck the outer tape, but the inner one was still firmly in place. Wonderful service, Prime.

Soo xx


The small steps are still in place here, Soo

Tenters Hitched, Joe

Severial Pitchers of Summat Nice when you get out



Wot the Bee said.

[trundlety] [trundlety] [whee!]

I have just had Fun. First solo deployment of my splendid Anti-Kitten in conjunction with its skeletal umbrellaish friend, the Yarn Swift. An neat and tidy ball of yarn has been produced. The Oaf came in through the flap just as I had set the skein on the swift and marched straight through and demanded to be let Wout the front door. Oddly enough, I hastened to do his bidding. Things might not have gone half so well with his help, although it has been known for a certain Sparrer to be of valuable assistance in the process.


Clearly Amazon deliveries are now being done by woodlice. They quantum-tunnel, of course.


Wow! Zero hours contracts, I hope? Was the pub convivial?
Soo xx


Full of beer, and fairly quiet but not completely dead – which is just about the way I like it.


Sounds perfect, Hedgers. Take me, next time. I’ll be quiet.
Soo xx


It’s lovely, Soo
A small ‘Proper’ pub wot happens to do lovely food, as well as good Beer.



Drool whimper

I would love some beer
Not working well enough with the stair rods

Instead I have injections for blood thinning as my rat poison is


Rat poison is cheap, but not exactly precise in the dosage/effect, Twellsy.
I used to have to take Late MiL to the Orsepiddle Anticoagulant Clinic 3x weekly, to try to keep things under control



I know that rat poison is cheap and it’s the best thing for my blood

I just wish it were more stable

Not knitting’s you may be pleased to hear that I have cast off the back of the jumper that certain cellerati found for me on Ravelry

I think it looks good…


Hardly surprising that it isn’t stable, Twellsy.
Rat poison seems to interact with everything, & you have an awful lot going on.

Long-distance, no touch Hug :mask:

I hear that people get addicted to Ravelry…

A bit like me innan fabric shop… :wink:



Well done Twellsy! I look forward to the day, sometime in the distant future, when I cast off my front. So to speak.

Life just keeps getting in the way of knitting, at the moment.


Oh, good work, that Twellers!
Knitting aside, I hope you are taking things exceedingly aisy, dere.
G xx


I should hide my fuzzy head in shame, as I am certain that my SaO2 levels are very much higher than Twellsy’s but, I haven’t a clue about the knitting thang.

Anyhoo - kind thorts and best dreams, Cellarites,
Soo xx


Gin, Soo?



I thought you’d never ask, Darling. We had lunch with my theatre-going friend and I have had three consequent 'phone conversations with her, since. Yes- Gin would be great.

Soo xx