So, who wants to help... to perpetuate the cellar?


Or, hardly ever?

Some ovvus might have more cause to blush* than others :wink:

  • other forms of self-castigation are available and in some cases salutary


Take your pick, wee Bee - either as a port or a Bordeaux, you are outstanding. And as a Bee, beyond compare.


Wee bee is my twin so she is absolutely gorgeous and perfect


Given that we’re presently following a rather noir drama from Iceland, I propose to share (with those azz wants it) this:


Here’s tae us
Wha’s like us
Damn few,
And they’re a’ deid
Mair’s the pity!
Good old Rabbie.

Soo xx


So we are. Gin?
Soo xx


Just to put Cellarites’ minds at rest, I have taped up the outside letterbox flap, as internal security wozz insufficient. Stay safe and sound, Dearies, Best recoveries and dreams are wished, G’night.
Soo xx


Wotta good idea wee bee


I must be a fair percentage by now…


Good work, and keep at it.
Gx :wink:


Horlicks ?


[yawnity] tseep.

Apparently the world is still there. Better luck next time, eh?



Ah. One of those mornings. Pore Sparrer.



Was meant for nerve block on Friday coming


And Poor Twellsy. I take it yer nerve block man is not in the place to which you are currently confined, damn it.


Much sympathy, Twellsy. This, all, must be very hard to bear.
Fuzzy hugs,
Soo xx


And more sympathy and hugs from me, Twellsy.


[fryity] [fryity] [fryity]

for them as does.


Bacon and sossige butties with gin might help me


Definitely worth a try.


Black puddin’ and sossinge and bacon bap for me.


Just the bacon in my bap, please. Am feeling minimalist and refeened (don’t worry, it won’t last).