So, who wants to help... to perpetuate the cellar?


It has been trying to be April here, with wind, rain, and sunshine in random sequence.


Lightning about half a mile off.


See what I mean?


Last night, the wind was rattling the letterbox flap so much that I leant a small set of steps against the door curtain on the inside.
It will remain in place tonight…

2° outside



I’ve stuck the letterbox flap down with insulation tape. Basking in comparative warmth - 3°C. The wind hasn’t been bad and the sleet only sporadic, so far. We’re supposed to be seeing a friend, tomorrow, but she’s unsteady on her feet and we were meant to be having lunch out. We’ll see.
Soo xx


What a very British sentence that is.


“And the train had many of its wheels…”


But, it’s February, there is being a storm and I live in the far NE of England.

Soo xx


I hope that that was said from the pub…




Funny you should say that. Have had better journeys. Got to pub about 15 mins ago. No cab availability for about 45 mins. Dearie me, whatever shall I do?


Snow with hail in it being hurled at the window here

I am a sweaty gasping lump sprawled on the bed with my warm wet air blower and my nebulisers


Pore Twellsy. Not fair.


Thank you dear Gus

Have a pint for me please…


What a fine idea. <<<< healing thoughts >>>


Very low-key reunion with the Oaf, who yelled at me delightedly, swoffled the chicken element of the food his kind Nominated Responsible Adult had provided before I arrived, and has taken himself up to bed. The yelling was quite enthusiastic, though. Am having Twellsy’s pint now, as my second call to the cabcompany got through to the very sensible woman controller rather than the somewhat patronising male git I got first time round, and the cab was there in minutes. I have been a customer of theirs - admittedly not so regular these days - for a long time and she Knows me… Used to confuse her at one point if I was going anywhere other than to the hospital or the vet. One driver once kicked up and tried to put the cat in the boot. I let her know… Never seen him again.

It is sort of nice to be home - well, in Oaf terms it certainly is, because I do Worry, despite knowing Marion, who is utterly daft when it comes to cats, is looking after him, but for two pins I would have turned round at Newport and gone back to Hereford. There was a tempting train, and the wind was both bitter and strong. And the Ma and I had a good time together on the whole.

Fair enough that she pointed out to me that I had put on weight since Christmas - I have - and that I am now really rather fat - gosh, I might not have noticed otherwise, so that was useful - but that didn’t stop her trying to feed me cake/biscuits/sweets at every conceivable opportunity and bemoaning the absence of Interesting Things to have with our sherry (ABCDs swiftly filled that gap, mind you, once I got me pinny on) and, as I was leaving, stuffing a chocolate bar into my handbag in case I felt the need of same on the journey. I am, for the benefit of those who do not know this, fifty-five years old.

And now I must sort out the bleedin’ bins. At least mine are fairly securely penned in by a sturdy hedge.

PS: the Oaf has come downstairs again and is milling about in a pleased and sociable fashion. Which is rather nice.


I went to the post office earlier to send off a parcel to Norway (it will go tomorrow but it was just easier to give it to them tonight) and there was a layer of sleet and ice on top of the car and on the windscreen. Not the rear windscreen, though; that was clear.


'64 was evidently anexcellent vintage :wink:


But sadly, dahlink, one is not a Rioja ;- )


Usually comforting to look back with clarity. Or, maybe, sometimes.

I’m glad to note that, for (I wozz going to say the large part, erm major, erm) the majority ovvus, we are safe and sound in our respective nests. But, not Twellsy. Beely vibes, fuzzy hugs - I can’t send enough/any help but kind wishes.

Izz there a drink of note from 1955? That izz my vintage.

Soo xx


There’s always Gin, Darling…