So, who wants to help... to perpetuate the cellar?


Sheesh! Remind me never to get on a boat with you, Twellsy. Although, I don’t travel by sea/water of any kind - mainly because I wouldn’t wish to cause hilarity. How are you doing, today?

It’s quite windy and sleety. The Birds can’t believe the lack of food. I suppose this is how they look every time we go on holiday. No sign of Ratty.

Soo xx


Dark & raining now, & the sky is as thick as a bag

The strange atmospheric conditions mean that I can change the radio station /switch them orff merely by standing nearby.

Hope that Gus is ok



Snowing now…



Well, it should make TA a bit more interesting…


Whereas we have sunshine.

I am not going to be going onto beta blockers, which give me nightmares, dizzy spells and diarrhoea, but I have to waste a week convincing the quack’s tiddy pharmacistical assistants (a pair of elves, they were, about fifteen years old and very cute) that this has been tried before and it was not good for me then, won’t be good for me now. What they never take in is that my blood pressure is LOW (like 93/53) and reducing it further, which is what beta blockers do, is simply not going to be a good plan.

So I keep a record of BP and pulse night and morning, and of every time I fall over when I stand up or turn quickly, and every time I wake up too frightened to turn the light on…

It is a bore. if they want to fuck about with medication, they could try taking things that they don’t need for themselves instead of using me as a guinea-pig for their already-exploded theories.


Once again with feeling dear Fishy

I have had a wondrous collapse into gasping and coughing and wheezing all at once after taking six paces

The physio was present and wheeled me back to the bed

I am not amused at this


Low BP isn’t very well understood, it seems to me, Fishy…

I tried a ‘touch lamp’ very close to my bed, but the electrics here/my personal electrics don’t get on with them with modern bulbs.

I now have a bedside lamp with an inline switch which is next to me Pillock, so I can just move my hand & switch it on.
Night terrors are awful



Twellies, do you mean today?!?



About three hours ago

I think the physio is now aware of just how nasty this asthma bronchitis sort of thing is for me just now

I am sure it was comical seeing me hanging on my walker unable to breathe and nurses running for the inhaler

While the physio hauled me into the wheelchair


Oh, Twellies… Well, Carinthia was right about you taking it a bit easy for a while, but that is hardly much of a comfort. I’m sorry.


Yes, night terrors are the pits, aren’t they.

I don’t think medical specialists ever listen about my blood-pressure: literally the only doctor who has ever seemed to take it seriously was the one at Moorfields who said it was too low for them to be able to laser my eyes safely, and it needed to go up a bit before they would carry on. And that was less then ten minutes after being late for the appointment I had hurried anxiously for the quarter-mile from the tube station, and climbed three floors’worth of stairs because the lift was out! I thought about the unreasonableness of doctors at that point and got it up to 110/60, which suited them. (It had been at 90-something over 43, which was absurd.)

The trouble is that when I see a doctor, it rises at once to about 140/70, which is if anything at the high end of acceptable, because they make me so furious. if they took it before talking at me, instead of towards the end of the appointment, they’d get a better idea of what it generally is. Perhaps the answer is a monitor of some sort – but those now all seem to have to have computers involved, and I don’t want the sort of computer that would be compatible with all my information being broadcast.


I definitely wouldn’t have laughed. This really is the pits - pore Twellsy.
Soo xx


Can you not go over the side. C’mon girl, lateral thinking.


Lateral thinking I can do. Lateral peeing, sadly, is beyond me.

(Thinks: although, in a gale… well, maybe.)


Wee bee l am trying to be light hearted about the bluddy state I am in

I either do that or fret about O2 at 85%…


That leaves 15% for gin.


Which reminds me: what happened to 'night starvation '? I suppose the remedy-purchasing public realised it was not a thing.

Hmm, for me that’s about 50/50 ;- ) But in a concerned and sympathetic way, of course.
On the bright side, if there is one, at least the infant physio now has more of an idea what is being contended with.

Just leaving Newport. Journey going like clockwork.
…clockwork that hasn’t been cleaned for a decade or two and which contains dead mice.


You save yer energy, Twellsy: we’ll do the fretting.


Twellsy’s breakfasts.


And the rain is beating at the windows again

Next Hoolie firing up