So, who wants to help... to perpetuate the cellar?


Well, more time spent eating and less redecorating / rebuilding, for starters.


They are indeed - particularly the automatic ones. Ours, rather to our surprise, gets pretty much daily use


Well, there is that: but I like explosions.




deep joy


One phonecall down, just waiting for the Nurse now


Brilliant! I’m sorry that you had to endure all of that in order to tell us, Fishers, but Mr Bee and I loved your account. Bravo!

We drove 10 miles, there and back, to a place where we could tempt birds to feed right in front of the car. We offered birdseed, peanuts and walnuts and the birds attended and entertained us, forra good while. I must say that I think it’ll take a lot of getting-used-to while we can’t feed our own garden birds. We’ve created a dependency and I am genuinely saddened by letting them down.

Soo xx


Nurse 'phoned at 4-30pm, & I went to the surgery at 5-15pm to collect me prescription. She came down with it at 5-25pm, so I had enuff time to get it filled across the road, & collect my other stuff.
The poor woman was supposed to finish at 4pm.

Smoked Haddock Florentine tonight, when me wax has melted

Liberates Pitcher



B came round and helped me get going on the front of the jumper

The orang’s body is done and his head started

This knitting into the front and back of a stitch is gurt fun!


You must let us have that recipe, dahling.


That will involve thinking, Gus, which may be a problem ATM… :wink:

Not even sure that I have spelled it correctly



Sorry, dear Chatelaine; I should have exercised self-restraint (but when has that ever stopped me, eh?). I hope you enjoy your supper. Smoked haddock is a great good thing.


Presumably Haddock Florentine has a big haddock in your right hand and a smaller one in your left?


This version has 3 ‘plugs’ of defrosted spinach on the bottom of the dish, undyed smoked haddock flaked on top & then a layer of cheesy garlic mash on top.

Oh, & plenty of butter…

I sometimes add eggs too, but I know you aren’t always keen



snork!, Sparrer. But I wouldn’t provoke a Chatelaine I believed to be armed with not one but two haddock. Not without some form of protective headgear, anyway.


You wouldn’t believe the number of times I made eggs florentine (spinach, eggs, mornay business). For a very elderly neighbour, years ago. I made her suppers, did her washing, picked her up of the floor many many times and dealt with the consequences of her having been on it for a while, if you get my drift, kicked arses at the doctors, at social services, etc. And when she died, I got a whole load of sniffiness from various ‘friends’ of hers who hadn’t done a tap for not going to the funeral. Because I had no babysitter and the child was at a horrible stage and would no doubt have drowned out the service with tantrums.

Sorry. Bit of a rant there. ‘Florentine’ set off a train of thought. Ethel very kindly gave me her mother’s Mrs Beeton. I treasure it.


Don’t apologise, Gus
We recognise the scenario

An MLer Elseboard made eggs florentine most days for her poorly husband umpty years ago, & hasn’t been able to look at them since he died, over 20 years ago.

Me wax is melting

Me wine is chilling

Onwards & Upwards



Ye have me fancying florentine eggses now

And rants are justified Gus dear

Point me at anyone upsetting my mates and I will make my mates smile as I sit upon them

I defy them to upset anyone once I have sat upon them!


My brother once tried to kill me by sitting on me - well he put a cushion on my face and sat on that. He was three at the time.

He’s quite a decent sort of chap now.


A useful mirror image for one of my secret scenarios, Gus. Sympathy, from yer bee.
Soo xx