So, who wants to help ... to rattle on in the cellar?


Have slept for an hour,& will prolly, hopefully, sleep some more

I took a spare pare of Shoesies but didn’t change them

Slammers, anyone ?



Or, indeed, slippers…
Oh gwan then, Dahlink. Don’t mind if I do (which has always seemed to me a slightly daft phrase, but wotthehell)


Oh, good thought!


Was that hearthrug in here ?

I am in need of a footrest after a day of baking
Rum and pineapple cake bread mince and onion pies and a simple Vicky sponge


and not a comma in the house.
Hoping that “bread mince and onion pies” might turn out to be the basis for a stuffing…

ODFOG covers it nicely, don’t you think?


Gus dear heart

I can’t see the comma button on my phone and I have phat phingers so I just does my best


Home safe ‘n’ orf to me nest.



Twellsy, there is sometimes the overpowering need to be a complete arse.
Yrs, buttockly


They’re not wrong about 14th Feb
Birds screaming wingover obscenities at one anuvver at the top of veir fevvery little lungs

Still. A spot of ombra mai fu is doing sterling service to drown 'em out.

Counter-irritant? Nah, just a countertenor.


Lots of luvverly fog (can’t even see as far as the main road) so the birds are mostly staying quiet in case something goes (swoop) (gronf) (swoffle).



May I tell of a wonderful gift I got today?

I am now the proud owner of a full bottle of Gunpowder gin

I am a happy old bat


The fog has burned off a bit and the crows are making the most of it. (They usually hide from the Grate Big Birds.)

Need any help wiv that gin, Twellsy?


Well I can’t get the seal round the top open to see if it has gone off dear sparrer

I can offer a bacon butty and a brace of glasses with a slice of lime and a bottle of fevertree to anyone helping with this seal


[enthusiastic peckity]

Grate Big Birds are about now.


Where? I knew I should have gone to Specsavers.


I am not, as you know, a gin fan, but that sounds triffic, Twellies.


Just don’t get it mixed up with the recipes on the “education” thread…


Went to crafty group today and had fun cheering up a birthday boy with a cake with actual rum in it

He was thrilled and I found candles that have different coloured flames for different coloured candles


Hearthrug dear thing

I have yet to see a polar bear with specs

Do they wear contact lenses?


Welcome to LP.
Too much izz happening to make any sense.

Maybe tomorrow.

Best dreams,
Soo xx