So, who wants to help ... to rattle on in the cellar?


She is using one of the kitchen mats. They can go into the washeen, which the big one in the main room can’t.

The trouble with shoppong is, once you have gone to all the trouble of getting to the shops you might as well do it all – I know that one. My back unloves me for it.


Medicinals forra Chatelaine and That Fish. Anna Bee, just to keep the queases at bay.


3 bags & the 'bus back didn’t do me any favours atall

The vehicule has been returned, but I will need an Snoozete before contemplating putting it away



As evidenced by a lady in front of me just now. I have honsstly never seen as much shoppinge in a trolley &/or on a conveyer. You’d have thought she’d won a trolley dash with no time limit.

I must assume she has fambly over for Egg Day , well Egg Month.


I think it is Eggsmas, to go with Xmas.


Shopping? Don’t talk to me about bleedin’ shopping.

Two bags ovvit plus a big pack of bogrolls. You know, one of the ones with a plastic strap handle attached to the ‘skin’ of the packaging. Nice idea, but not much use when said handle detaches itself the instant it has left the shop. Nice petshop woman provided sellotape repair, which saw me not quite as far as the bus stop. Oh, and the petshop didn’t have what I wanted.

I too am flumping. Crossly.


In case of emergency:



I have done my back in and can hardly move

So I am parked in the conservatory with my knitting trying to be good

Would beer help the poppy juice do you think?


I am sure it would, Twellsy, bein’ Medicinal as how it is.

Less a Cellar, more a dispersed (and dispensing, happily) Infirmary.


Werl, there’s yer problem.



What kind folk inhabit the Cellar

Grateful slurping sipping and quaffing …


68° in proper money today. 20°C

Very nice indeed.


It was supposed to be gorgeously warm here, tomorrow. However, it is now forecast to be 13°C maximum, so I’m awfy glad that I didn’t bother to feverishly dig out warm-weather clothing for our lunchtime date with DS - Turkish, since you ask.

My sympathy for ailing ones. Feebly, I am still intermittently rather queasy, for some reason.

Returning to Notre-Dame, one notes that the French President is looking for inspiration for a new spire design. Sacrebleu - he eez reading my mind! Or this board, whichever is the least creepy.

Soo xx


Anyhoo - I’m away to bed, thinking kind thoughts to all and sending furfles to any animals who won’t bite or scratch.

Good nights, Cellarites.
Soo xx


It is, isn’t it?


How would I know?


Gin, Soo

You needs Gin

I need an Medicinal Summat



I need more and better sweariewords.

But I am waving the Gin Wand anyway. Because I knows how to pretend to be Nice. Also, the little fizzly juniper-smelling sparkles it farts are fun.


Wanna Gin Wand.

I’ll just have to put up wivva Gin Tanker.

Orf to me nest.


That Bird has clearly got involved in the workings of the ship; I had better call a