So, who wants to help ... to rattle on in the cellar?


Or salty garlic vodka, of course…


With roasted garlic…

Might be worth doing anyway just because.


The wild burrow gin is rather good I think

But I just like gin…


That’s usually the way I interest others, Hedgers.
The ‘premium peanuts’ look a lot smaller than is usual. However, a failed peanut harvest in Brazil is blamed, so birdies must make do. Plenty of high energy advanced seed mix, though. You’ll not starve, regardless.

I am having a small snifter of ginger wine.

Soo xx


They had mulled ginger wine in Lidl, and I got some, just for the hell of it.


Mulled ginger wine might be more palatable than the usual stuff, I s’pose. I look forward to reportage, Fishers.
I feel the need ovva Lidl visit, all ovva sudden. Maybe after M’s hospital appointment and before the flu jabby episode. Lidl’s Piccolo tomatoes are £1.65 for 250g and are UK grown, btw. Really good value. We cellar-dwellers must keep up our healthy stuff, too, I s’pose.
Soo xx


Well, I’m sure that

must count as at least four a day!


Happy Waggle Dance!
Soo xx


And the tonic has quinine in it so another of our 5 a day

Gin drinkers must be super healthy!


Erm - quinine is derived from bark, isn’t it, Twellsy? Does that count. or does it count because we say it does? W#rks for me, either way. I hope that you chesticles are behaving.

Soo xx


It’s a vegetable product innit? Well then.


Damascene moment thingy, going on here.
All izz well.
Soo xx


Twellsy,going shopping after starting the day feeling like Shite was prolly not such a good idea…

Hindsight is a wonderful thing

Soo, I hope that all is as well as possible

No-one at Rheumatology today, so I will see how I feel tomorrow, & then 'phone them if necessary



That sounds like a Plan. Meanwhile, slammers?


Please, Fishy




I’d have to borrow an trolley jack& then carry it upstairs & operate it

Unless I am prepared to wait until someone has the time to sort it

Pours Nightcaps




Not too much ponderin’ I 'ope.

I know a bloke, stick a new engine in it, no problem…



Once I have got me clothes and face on, I shall be off to Tir no Internet forra bit. It is just possible I might sneak to the pub to guzzle their wifi from time to time.
Play nicely, Cellarites. No sticking beans up noses.
And would those on the sick list please take care and do a bit of recovering. Ta ever so


Take care travelling, Gus , & Best Wishes to the Ma when you get there

Very heavy frost here, & the heating is going on



I’ll just leave this 'ere then shall I?

Go well, Your Gusliness!