So, who wants to help ... to rattle on in the cellar?


The Fishwives await your return, Carinthia. And there izza whole file of veggie or fish recipes awaiting your delectation!
But, you have much with which to contend xx.
I’m off to bed. A bee can only do so much, inna day.
Best dreams, Cellarites.
Soo xx


Gin, Soo

Am looking forward to seeing them again too

Have just had a rather worrying conversation with BiL

His Carbon Monoxide alarm was sounding last night, & again today


He tried to change the battery, but couldn’t ('cos you can’t)

Sighs Again

He has,at least switched orff the boiler & opened a window

He is under strict instructions to speak with Local Daughter tomorrow -Local Daughter’s Partner izzan Plumber, & will know what to do



Yes Soo, but for that you could have got my mother AND a friend out and still had well over a £ left.

Instead … you buy Mr Bee a jumper he says he doesn’t need.

Humph. Some people !!!

… & Carinthia, best of luck tomorrow xx


Indeed not, since the tin suggests it melts mandibles.
Fitflops are bought for magical arse-me!ting properties but a beer that eats yer face off is a horse of another colour


Gusly huggage, dere Chatelaine. Wiv extra for that Bee.


Y’know when it rains so hard the raindrops bounce back up off the road ?

Well, it’s been doing that here for 3 hours. … & it’s just got worse.

Only 2 weeks ago I actually emptied gutters & drainpipes & drain covers of leaves & an alarming amount of mud (& 2 buddleia !!). It was a good job I did.

Now, I need to find a very large puddle, by a pavement, and preferably near a school.


Doesn’t seem to be raining here, for a change.



Morning all

I feel wretched today so I might cancel today


Good idea. It’s only a Monday; nobody will miss it.


Liberates Pitcher inna Desperate Manner

Have just moved the 2 bookcases in the ‘Office’ so that the man can service the burglar alarm

One of the castors has come orff the larger bookcase

Sigh & Spit

This means emptying it completely, & tipping it upside down to fix it

Well that won’t be done today, or possibly even tomorrow



Bah humbug and snellfrocky.

At times like this I am faintly tempted to call in Rob the Torch, burn it all down and start afresh.


Indeed, Dunnock

Am thinking that, when I do get around to fixing it, I should fit it with larger castors



Yes; if you have to go through a complete embuggerance, you might as well gain something at the same time.

I need today, y’know. We will run out of milk if I don’t have it to go shopping in.



The Young Man has been , a whole 90 minutes early - he blames his Mum (it’s a Fambly Business) , for booking the previous call 50 yards away, & the next on the other side of town…

Doesn’t matter, & I can organise myself (!) & get to the Orsepiddle for my blood test

When/if this all settles down, I will be able to go to my GP Surgery, which will be much more convenient



I stiffened my resolve, & went & looked in one of the cupboards in the garage, where, as expected, I found an old tea-caddy with a label onnit saying ‘Castors’

There are 4, of the same size that are on the bookcase now

I may be able to Piggle things ( Technical Term, M’Lud) & put a stretcher in & an extra 2 in the middle

Then again,I may not…



Piggling a fascinator is one thing, Carinthia. Piggling a large book case sound an awful lot more strenuous. Take care.

Off to buy birdseed.
Soo xx


Why soo, you interest me strangely…

I s’pose one could use a car jack sort of thing to lift the bookcase for castory repairness.


Been shopping with Mr Wells in tow

I needs gin after several discussions about the cost of things…


I have been shopping at Lidl and among other necessities of life (bread flour, milk, olive oil, butter, eggs) I have bought 70cl of Wild Burrow slow distilled Gin, which says that it has been enhanced with Botanicals from Rabbit Island, West Cork, as follows: Juniper, Coriander, Angelica, Orris Root, Orange, Lemon, Blackberry Leaves, Dandelion Flower, Scots Pine, Wild Garlic, Wild Fennel & Furze Petals. I take leave to doubt that the orange or the lemon came from that island, and it was the garlic which sold it to me; if it isn’t garlicky enough, we can always drop in a couple of pigs of the stuff to steep for a while.


And if it works, we could make Olde Sparrer’s Salty Garlic Gin…