So, who wants to help ... to rattle on in the cellar?


Good to know, Hedgers.
I have recently returned from MiL’s and have a few concerns, so I shall avail myself of the wotsit-wot-I-called and mull stuff over. A teeny ginger wine will do.
Soo xx


One teeny ginger wine comin’ up.


Ooh - I couldn’t possibly…
Soo xx


But I’d like to keep them!


As opposed to a middle-aged ginger whine, aka Adam.


So sorry about your concerns, Soo

The Grandfather Clock struck 12 here

At twenty past five this afternoon

The day has been abit like that, really

Liberates Pitcher



Avva fuzzy hug, Carinthia. I intend to turn my ‘concerns’ into amusing anecdotes - in my head.
I may bee some time.
Soo xx


MiL had decided to buy a Shetland sweater for Mr Bee, as ‘he does so much’ for her (he does). I found one, online, that cost £55 and she arsked about it, today. M (this must henceforth be her soubriquet) declared that she must pay for it, immediately. ‘No!’ quoth I, ’ I’ll order it and will show you the receipt once you’ve seen the sweater.’ Battle commenced and I waited while M visited her bedroom to retrieve advanced payment in full. £22.20. This izz no problem, to me, but it gives an indication (I imagine) of the problems M is facing. I told Mr Bee, who declared that he really didn’t need another sweater. He does…he really does.
Azz you were, dearios.
Soo xx


Haaa. (If I may be so bold) Soo. I’ve been there & it does sort of encompass things in one, innocent, moment.


I, too, have the teeshirt, Armers. It’s a bit ovva Groundhog Day scenario, to be frank.
Boldness is welcome, however.
Soo xx


It’s the stray 20p that hits the button. So precise, yet so incorrect.

You can’t beat incorrect precision !!

The mother believed she was being held captive in the Care Home because she owed money to them. £15.75 she believed it to be and asked me to pay it & she’d pay me back, “with interest”, when she got home.


Gawds, Armers. It can all be a bit bluddy hard, can’t it?
I have topped up your glass, of choice, and I’ll toddle off to watch some carpy TV azza sedative.
Soo xx



Whete did she think I was going to get £15.75 from at the click of a finger ??


Well, quite! Where did M think I’d be finding the extra £32.80 for Mr Bee’s sweater?

Anyhoo - I am quite recovered from today’s disappointments.

Soo xx



Hugs & 'Normous Drinks all round, methinks



Excellent! Itizz a long time since me ginger wine, after all, Carinthia. How go the horrible side-effects, Dear?

Soo xx


Not great ATM,Soo, TBH, but they are on The List.

I go to the Orsepiddle tomorrow forran blood test, so I may call in at Rheumatology & see that things are moving in the right direction. I have swollen glands in me neck, which is pretty standard for me, but I have to report any hint ovvan sore froat.

Summat is deffo happening, & I still feel better than this time last year, so Tenters Hitched



I am hoping that you might be sufficiently well to visit the hive in late spring, Carinthia. (No point inviting you to the frozen north before then.) We made a dinner of roast halibut in browned butter and shallot sauce, with celeriac mash roasted brocolli and caper/parsley/breadcumb topping, tonight. Go the bees! It wozz quite good.
Soo xx


One Froat Lubricant coming up. And not necessarily this one:

(though it is Rather Nice).


I am Bluddy Determined to be as normal (?) as possible, Soo. I’ll just have to learn to rest in between bouts of extremity.

They have promised that I will not become a cripple with this, & no Medic makes any sort of promise lightly, or at all, these days