So, who wants to help ... to rattle on in the cellar?


Twellsy would need her specs fixed so she might find the right hole.
Gus, Mr Bee and I intend to make That Glorious Apricot Cake, this arvo. He has just dodged out, in the rain, to source ground almonds. I bought apricot jam, this time, as the rose petal one had gorn mouldy.
MiL is in fine fettle. She slept until 11.30 and was a bit discombobulated, forra while, but she is content to leave the thinking to BiL and us.
Soo xx


Madame chatelaine you offered to make me a real pink heffalump squeakwinned bikinki so cease your thudding


Soo THAT medic would deserve a hot pickling liquor pumped into every orifice and crevice I could find

With oodles of extra scotch bonnet puree
To add piquancy to the mix…


All the more reason for functioning spectacles, Twellsy. Some of the orifices are harder to find than others.
Soo xx


I’d go for boring old submersion, me.


The answer is obvious (well, it is to me): a sturdy cannula and make yer own


Ooh - you izz wicked, Gus!

That Cake izz in the oven…

Soo xx



How about making lots of orifices with canulae and simultaneous injection of hot stuff?

I could get used to having evil thoughts


Yay! Cake! I am sure it will be much enjoyed.

Very annoyed with myself: I forgot I had sultana cake in the tin and it has deteriorated beyond edibility. This is both a waste and rather alarmingly senile.


That’s why yer need a sparrer about the house…


Poor wee sparrers need feeding extra in the cold weather to help em keep going

Fevvers keep some heat in but the pore wee birdies need looking after


Cake has been tested and is delish. A piece has been put aside for MiL and the rest is in the freezer.
Soo xx


I lurve The Blue Man Group thang, Armers. And, the Jefferson Airplane ‘White Rabbit’, joe.
(We haven’t won the Euromillions, apparently.) Meh.
Soo zzzzzzzzzzzzz


Home safe.

Long day.

Edake started just as I turned off the car at the end of the trip.



Pore Sparrer. Tuck it under yer wing for the night


Medicinal Beer

Medicinal Food

Medicinal Gin

BTW, the Sossinges were not nearly as exciting when cooked




I have Scrubbed The Kitchen Floor. Flump & Whimper. They are probably a gents’ outfitters of the Old Skool, btw

Bah! to sausages that disappoint. And hurrah for cakes that don’t.


9am - first whiskey…

…on the cake, I hasten to add


Don’t be coy, joe. You’re among friends, after all.
I hope That Bird’s edake has gorn away.
Soo xx


Yeah, once I got into me nest pretty much. Ta. Lots & lots of loverly sleep.