So, who wants to help ... to rattle on in the cellar?


Snork, Dunnock !



Do look after you dear Chatelaine

Tis a tad breezy for my broomstick

But I would land on you complete with suitable bloomers skirt and witch grade boots and aerodynamic witch hat to ensure you were looked after

Scarlet cloak with black velvet hood black skirt striped stockings flannelette drawers and hob nail Victorian style lace up boots

Elegant attire for broom flying I feel


Am ok, Twellsy. Just getting used to the Noo regime, azzitwere

At least it’s only 1 tooth, & not 12

Have a Hug



Don’t forget yer flying-goggles, Twellsy!

Orf to me nest. Long day tomorrow.


Tsweep Well, Dunnock



I will survive my problems dear one I just wish that you had none to put up with

I can give you a slurp of my delicious mouthwash


I already have shares in the cheapo equivalent of Corsodyl, Twellsy

Thank-you for your kind offer…



One has just flitted back from a locally based evening of food and wine. It wozz good.
I am mindful of Twellsy’s health problems (I read, far and wide) and send her my kindest wishes and hopes for a betterness. Chatelaine - I am so sorry that you are going through such a horrible time xx. I have remembered to say ‘White Rabbits’ and would encourage all Cellarites to do the same, to ensure massive good luck for times ahead.
MiL is back home - there’s a story attached to that - but it seems that she has had a TIA, possibly, maybe. Who knows? I just hope that she doesn’t have a consequent stroke that would leave her in misery. Please, no.
White Rabbits, Cellarites,
Soo xx
Edited to add that MiL has an outpatient appointment at 09.30 on Tuesday, in a neurology clinic. Why so early, forra 95 year old? She had an MRI scan at 23.00 on Wednesday. Why do people wonder why our elders become so disorientated during hospital treatment? Pfffft.



I hope that you are not looking ‘tired’, after posting this, Armers. Shame follows, y’know.
White Rabbits to you, too.
I’ll bee buzzin’ off.
Soo xx


Gin , Soo

9-30 takes some doing for me too, I am not quite 60

A lot of pressure on you both to get her there.



All together now…


Kee - and don’t take this the wrong way or anything - rist!



Nah, joe, for the full effect you know it needs chucking in the bath.
Speaking as your attorney…


Why do they make a 7am anyway. Nobody wants it and it’s not worth staying up for.



Jefferson’s wonderful White Rabbit.

If ever a song deserved a 15 minute version this is it. But they kept it to the barely 3 minute version, even on live performances.

If you’ve ever seen The Blue Man Group they did this, with lot’s of timpany and huge amounts of blue paint.


Oh … this is what I mean.


I see Gus is suitably admiring of my broom attire

Or is that envious?

After all my pink squeakwinned heffalump bikinki is a design classic

Soo dear thank you I just cannot get over the crass manner of a medic


‘Design Classic’


Liberates Pitcher

Declines on Chaise…



But of course envy, dahlink.

Ah, medics… [Ponders the therapeutic benefits of hot pickling vinegar enemas] I’m sure administering one to the offending little tit would make you feel much better