So, who wants to help ... to rattle on in the cellar?


The effect in the east is compounded by the fact that the wind when there is any tends to blow up and down the streets rather than ever getting inside the houses. When one thinks about it, this makes perfect sense – as would vanes on the windows to direct some air into the rooms, but we never got round to those.


It was? Can’t say I noticed, here


Yes. From the moment I was in Crickelwood. … &, on the way out, via the A40 toward the M40 it had gone a bit greyer but literally only began to be a fine drizzly wet at I went past the M25.

You lot are spoilt.


Yesterday’s weather was utterly vile, for us. High wind, pouring rain. It’s a balmy 8°C, now and sunny.
Soo xx


Am orff to the Dentist

Accompanied by 'eadache & queasiness

This could be fun…



Poor you, Carinthia! I shall be thinking hard about you.
Soo xx


Throwing up on the medics is generally frowned on…


Bloody funny though. Especially when you’ve warned them & they’ve fobbed you off. Ask my dentist :rofl::rofl:


Tenters hitched, Dahlink


Slammers awaiting return – or maybe just the medicinal brandy.

And fins crossed.


I’m sure I could whip up an Medicinal Slammer.


I believe Brandy-n-Benylin is quite popular, in that line



My Medicinal Slammer recipe is very much like a normal Slammer, only it comes wiv an Prescription.


It falls within the ‘crude but effective’ category, like a slightly sticky Mickey Finn. But you can’t get the good Benylin these days, just the ‘non-drowsy’ muck.


The one & only time I took Benylin (Original) I slept for 3 days…

That was 40 years ago & I have avoided it ever since !


Busy afternoon, & am now somewhat Knackerated

I went along to Mass because I had a bagful of Noo But Unwanted Stuff* for Christmas Presents . Felt too Bleeeeurgh to stay, but at least that was one task completed .

*Coconut & Vanilla scented Toiletries

Went to the Dentist with my Noo list of medication & we discussed what to do

It looks as though I may need an Noo crown wiv attendant Root Canal work


There’s also the option of having a sort of ‘nightguard’ made, as I am, apparently, grinding my teeth & making them sharp


We have agreed to wait until I know more about the effects of this Noo medication. I feel fairly rubbish ATM, but am prepared to ‘grit my teeth’ (Ha) until the end of January when we should know if it is working & if we need to adjust the dose.

I did a little shopping afterwards, so am absolutely poleaxed now

An Medicinal Slammer would be Very Good





Slammer for a Carinthia right away.


Thank-you, Fishy

I bought some Sossinges from the Butcher - Pork wiv Garlic & Red Wine

Even in their raw state they smell amazing…






I will, of course, let you know what they are like…

Went to Another Butcher to look at the pies & had an discussion with the assistant about Haslet . She wants to try my version with Martyr Sossingemeat

I do think that Martyr Sossinges are possibly an Northern Thing



I know that times are tough and the Church has a role in feeding the poor, but…