So, who wants to help ... to rattle on in the cellar?


Best plan Gus

Here I have been shocked by the dentist

My teeth were fine in September at last check up

I have the terrible problem of 12 teeth eaten by stair rods

Nobody told me me gnashers were at risk



Sorry to read that, Twellsy.


That is Ungood, Twellsy. I’m so sorry. Grim for you.


I may try to see if gin will help


That’s horrendous, Twellies. Is there anything to be done about it?


All I can do is really really really clean my teeth at least 5 times a day - the dentist will apply to the health board for permission to treat em all

I can tell you I hate the taste of the mouth wash and professional toothpaste already

Ach well gin might help…


Twellsy, I don’t actually 'like 'this post, of course. I am assuming that the steroids have affected your gums (if I’m wrong please tell me) and strict oral hygiene with prescribed paste and mouthwash will be essential. I’ll pour you a gin - to match mine - and tell you the tale of our day.

Sis and I went out shopping, Mr Bee went to the hospital to have a wrist ganglion checked out (blurry painful thing, incidentally). When we returned to the hive, we found a message on the 'phone from MiL. She had contacted the GP regarding a ‘numb arm’. He was sending an ambulance to take her to hospital. Mr Bee dispatched himself to pick up the Hospital Bag from MiL’s house and whizzed off to the hospital. Poor MiL is being kept in, as it is thought that she had had a minor stroke.

We were expecting friends forra takeaway at 19.00, but one of them (District Nurse, aged 61) was running late because of short-staffing grrrr) so I arranged a delivery for 20.00, by which time Mr Bee had returned and had time to 'phone BiL to ‘clue him in’ before our guests arrived for a really rather enjoyable skoff and natter.

We’ll be seeing Sis off, in the morn, and then find out what is going on with MiL. Say a little positive thing for her, Cellarites. She’s 95, has breast cancer and has been coping magnificently with life, but this arm thing is looking a bit concerning.

Soo xx


Positive things for MiLs. And for Twellsly teeth.
And for our Chatelaine, who izza bit quiet.


I’m here

I got back yesterday afternoon & Flumped

Am orff to Sheffield this afternoon for the tests on the back of my eyes

Dentist tomorrow

I know how to live,me…

Candle lit, Soo



You’d better avvan early


then, Carinthia.

Soggy out there. Grate Big Birds yelling at each other. The Late Bird gets the gin…



Have been more or less Flumped on the sofa since I came back from the Optician wiv bonus 'eadache to boot


All went well, so it’s just the Dentist tomorrow

Liberates Pitcher



I am glad that all went well, and I hope that tomorrow is also painless and sensible.



One could always walk into the dentist’s waiting room with a gurt bear trap under one arm. “Oh, no reason…” :smiling_imp:


I second this.

MiL was (very) openly delighted that she was the oldest lady in her hospital bay, this evening. I don’t think that overnight demise is on the cards for any of the other denizens, so ‘they’ shouldn’t move in a younger specimen by tomorrow. Bloods will be taken, in the morn, but her arm is no longer numb and she has had many tests and scans. She told me that I looked ‘tired’ and I feel ashamed.

So, it’s bed for me, with kindest wishes for Cellarites’ dreams.

Soo xx


gin, soo…


You are, indeed, a considerate and kindly Bird.
Grateful kwoffity!
Soo xx


Have Severial Hugs, & don’t you dare feel ashamed, Soo

I’ll Share a (nother) Slammer ,if you like



“This”, as the kids say.


Yesterday I hired an estate car, loaded up two large, leather, wing-back reading chairs thar I rescued from the sale of my mother’s house and drove them down to that Westminster to #2 son’s office … & then drove back.

Mostly rainy, though that London was, oddly, all blue sky & fluffy clouds

I missed to turn for the M40 on the way down so ended up on the M1 & came through areas like Cricklewood, Kilburn (I was actually ON Kilburn (& the) High Road so sang my tributes to Ian Dury, bless him) the Edgware Road & round Kensington Gardens, Hyde Park & Victoria before landing in Gt. Smith St.

It was quite the adventure for a boy from the Norff.

I’d rather have done it in the summer though … in the dry & the light.

I slept well though.


Remember the heat effect of London; it prevents a fair bit of the rainfall that it might otherwise get. (When I lived in the east we sometimes had stagnant hot air sitting for days…)


wiv ice (for the memory)