So, who wants to help ... to rattle on in the cellar?


We’ll miss you, Gus! Wiv the first few shots, anyway.

(calibrates the trebuchet for Welsh Wales)


Mott the Hoople ???


Spoken of over a phone, loud enough to be heard by all & sundry.

I know who I’d be managing out !!

I once sat on a train opposite a woman who did a minion’s appraisal by phone (on hands free, be fair she had to be able to write as well) … & it wasn’t a good appraisal … . I put up with it for over 30 minutes before asking her to stop, saying it was most inappropriate.

She snotted me. So I killed the call on the phone lying on the table. As she prepared to roast at me I pointed out that I’d known the HR Director of her firm for 20 years and she’d be hearing more about this.

She was not a happy bunny & packed her bags, swore at me quite comprehensively & buggered off, muttering.

You’d have to be quite a snitch to follow-up my threat to tell the HRD. … say “hello” to ‘quite a snitch’ !

When I spoke to him it was clear this was not untypical of her behaviour.


You all have far too much nous for this bee. I tend towards the barbed glance, when subjected to such idiotic behaviour.
Did I ever tell you about my horrible experience on the Swansea to Carmarthen train? It wozza long time ago and I made the mistake of sharing it elseboard. I’ll nevva forgive the response but I am, after all, a bee with a reusable sting.
MiL izz in need ovva stinging advocate, just now, and I’ll bee such for azz long azz I may.
Any chance ovva G&t?
Soo xx


Unlocks The Cupboard

Selects an Litre of Soo’s favourite Gin

Looks over shoulder

Relocks The Cupboard

Selects Large Crystal Glass

Places on tray wiv Gin, Ice, Fevertree Tonic & an selection of sliced Citrus Fruits

Places tray on Soo’s side table



{Fuzzy meeps}

Thank you, Chatelaine. A veritable treat xx

All shall be well, I am certain.

Soo xx


I am awfully buzzed out and must seek my bed.
Best nights, Cellarites,
Soo xx


Honey Gin waiting to start the day off right.


Try not to overthink what you have to organise for MiL, Soo

You’ll get her the best of everything

Big Hugs



Aye, but I have to overthink things to keep ahead, as you know, Carinthia.
I’ll cope.
Thanks for the hugs (Carinthia) and the extra energy for the morn (Hedgers).
Soo zzzzzzzzzzzzz


No. … & I’m all ears (or eyes, as may be).

Or direct me to your thread.

West of Wales, generally a thing to be avoided in my experience.


Depends how far west. Things improve once you hit Wexford.


You are, of course, correct Joe.

It should read “the West of Wales”.

… & on that I will countenance no debate.


What with?


Waterford, of course.



Some folk have the wisdom to go very far west of Wales

Just about as far as you can while staying on the archipelago!

Bacon butties ready

Fresh boule loaves on the cooling rack

Pound of butter on the table

Chatelaine’s butter knife and plate and napkin ready and waiting at the table

Warning signage of sharp elbows being deployed advising cellerati to clear approach to table for a Carinthia in situ

All ready to start the day


In that case we probably ought to get the Breakfast Gin out…


[happy peckity]


Happy Sigh



Itizz uniformly grey, & Hissing it down, here

I have to go & collect my prescription later




Ditto, and ditto.

Now here’s a puzzle.

I started out all the medications that I take at the same time (I know, but we were being thorough).

Each prescription is for either 56 or 112 tablets, and lasts for two lunar months.

So why is it that five years later, I run out of different pills in different weeks, instead of having to collect them all at the same time at two-lunar-month intervals?

Both doctor and pharmacist say this is quite usual, but I don’t see how it is possible unless I were either taking or not-taking some pills as a norm, and apart from the messing about with the warfarin quantities which happens every so often I know that I am not. I put each week’s pills into a daily box to make sure of it and of not forgetting or taking too many. So how can it happen?

Baffled, I shall go and fetch two of the eight sorts of pill I take.