So, who wants to help ... to rattle on in the cellar?



Gremlins or Summat

I am trying to rationalise all mine, Fishy & have only just got Omeprazole & Thyroxine synchronised, as Omeprazole was only dished out in 28 day month quantities until recently



Loose pills are measured by weight rather than counted, so there can be the occasional discrepancy; one or two over each time would be enough to put them out of sync with those in blister packs after a few repeats.


Interesting, Joe

All 8 of mine come in blister packs

Haven’t had ‘loose’ pills for years



And the occasional rolled-under-the-bed pill, or forgotten one…


I keep all of my Important Stuff in red bags, so that they are easily identifiable. The 2 Epipens are in a red purse with extra strap in my handbag, &, last year, the Junior Darlings bought me a matching red toilet-bag, & make-up bag, so the daily tablets go in the make-up bag, & the full boxes in the toilet-bag.

I don’t empty the pills into another container as at least 2 of them have to be ‘kept fresh’, azzitwere, & there are specific strictures about taking 3 of them in relation to food.

It works for me, although a friend said last night that she uses a spreadsheet for hers

Not sure that I have the brain for a spreadsheet… :wink:



All mine too are in blister-packs, and I cannot get them otherwise: I asked, because it is such a pain getting them out for the whole week all at once, and was told it can’t be done.


Yeah, I make that three in five years that I knew I had lost, of which two turned up later. It doesn’t account for the dozens it would need to be.


Out of my 18 pills and potions some are 28 day supply others are 30 day supply

Rat poison comes in tubs of 100 of each type every so often

Yon Bull keeps track of em for me


I didn’t know that (no change there). What accounts for that? More talcum powder = increased weight?

I suspect that M takes fewer tablets than many of you, but that will probably change…She is suffering from a degree of breathlessness, today. She won’t inform the GP, as she is so frightened of having to stay in hospital, again. I have an idea of why M is breathless, but I am not a doctor and have to err on the side of giving her autonomy…I’ll be 'phoning her GP (with her consent) tomorrow, anyhoo.

Slammers, anybody?

Soo xx



I am wheezing like nobody’s business today and any effort has me sweating profusely

I am scared I will be hauled in to horsey piddle if I go to ye olde quack so am puffing on nebulisers


You and yon Bull have to be the best judges of the wisest course of action, Twellsy xx. You have been here before and are the only ones who might make a reasonable decision. I am buzzin’ about in the dark, azzitwere.
Soo xx


No - just the occasional misreading, I suspect. Though I see that there are now machines that do count them rather than weighing (apologies for dire production - why are American ads so naff?):

Rather better than the old way:


There’s a Thesis in that, joe.

Soo xx


So now all we have to do is find anyone whose prescription medication doesn’t come in bubble-packs, and ask them where it is from so I can go there and save my fingernails.


Thumbnails, in my case, Fishers. They are both split, halfway down - the left on both sides. I ruddy hate this.

Soo xx


You can get Tools for that sort of thing. There are a bunch of them on Amazon. (Or if you like I’ll design and 3d-print one for you, once I’ve finished off jobs for That Fish.)


I’d love a 3d-print tablet-guzzler-nail-saver Tool, Hedgers. Or, I may just mosey along to Amazon and stop being so needy :wink: Kind of you, though. Have some High Energy Advanced Seed Mix, to drop in your Gin.
Soo xx


Before you buy one look at the fact that none has better average reviews than three-and-a-half stars, and bear in mind that all the ones I have ever seen (and I have looked!) have been useless because they broke the pills as they forced them out, rather than cutting the foil first.


Sage advice, Fishers. I’ll ponder upon that and other stuff.
Soo xx


A broken stitch-ripper does the job beeyoootifully, Dahlinks

Trust me

Carinthia.xx AKA No Nails