So, who wants to help ... to rattle on in the cellar?


Extry Large Medicinal forra needy Bee.

Juniper is medicinal, right?


I don’t mean to be needy, Hedgers, just not wanting.
Juniper izz one of my five-a-day - so, yes, thank you.
Soo xx


Are you back safely from us scary Northerners, Hedgers?

My journey izz up the apples and pears. I am totally knackered.

Best dreams, Cellarites,
Soo xx


Nah, still in North playing silly games. (There may also be occasional Beer.)


Enjoy any silliness you may encounter, Hedgers. Beer, too.
Soo zzzzzz


Beer is to be enjoyed and savoured

And shared

Quoth she hopefully


All the good stuff here is bottled (but at least they accept that they are incompetent to do draught ale rather than doing it badly).

[Black Sheepity]



I was in the Black sheep brewery many years ago

And spent a happy evening tasting it and the other brewery’s beers

Two breweries in one town



Fighting talk that would be if they heard you. I’m not much of a beer drinker (I know :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:) but there are those who would object and say things like “back down South with you, varlet”. Coming up here, dissing our beer and our climate. You’ll be saying our chippies aren’t much cop next.


Nothing wrong with proper bottle-conditioned beer. Far superior to badly kept draught.

(If the Shires in the Bull is supposed to be hand-pump, I wouldn’t go near it, given Kenton’s cavalier approach to cellar maintenance).


No, they can’t do northern type draught beer either (which I quite like) - it’s lager pumps or bottles.

(Not bottle conditioned either. Their main business is coach parties on the way to/from the airport, and big weddings.)



A cellarman who fails to notice wet walls in his cellar, that’s Kenton.


What fettle, joe?
And our Chatelaine?


Yoo-hoo, Gus!

I am largely being quiet, today. Oh, and hunting for a scarf that will be both warm and a bit decorative to wear with tomorrow’s funeral outfit. That Poodle has had v. upset guts, so DD will be travelling down on her own - train arrives at Morpeth at 19.20, salmon and veg kebabs will be provided, with a glass of Prosecco.

Soo xx


I was at a friend’s house where she had something wonderful for me

She had years ago bought cast iron casseroles and never used them

So she gave them to us thinking I might use them

They are gorgeous and WILL be used by me

Enamel cast Iron casseroles with lids are a great addition to my griddle pans and saute pans

I like heavy solid cooking equipment

19 years old and never taken out of their boxes

Aren’t I so spoilt and lucky?


I’ll reserve judgement on that, Twellsy

I have one oval casserole bought umpty years ago in Luxembourg, azza poor man’s ‘Le Creuset’ . I love it, & use it regularly, but need both hands working to be able to lift it

3 of my friends have got rid of whole sets of Le Creuset because they are so heavy empty, & therefore, dangerously heavy when hot & full

I hope that you can find a scarf, Soo

I, of course, have just the thing…



Home safe flumpity.

Didn’t mention that on me way North I passed through the village of Sparrowpit. Didn’t hang around for long enough to nick their road sign, though.


My LC casserole, dubbed The Blue Bucket by Himself is invaluable. The really big LC frying pan, though, I found too heavy to use comfortably, snd that was woth all hands on deck, I mean, in working order.


Poor Poodle. Good journeys for DD.
Will be thinking of you all.


They’re 'well ‘ard’ in Sparrowpit, Dunnock

Yer Bruvver prolly has Contacts there…