So, who wants to help ... to rattle on in the cellar?


It was fine, he said. Nothing much, he said. Just dead skin, he said < beady glare>

Delighted to hear of better sleep and bloods.
Gus x
who attempted a little amateur poisoning tonight herself. Accidentally.


Respec’. That takes a pro, that does.

The hotel in North is as shabby as ever but at least the heating mostly works.



It was a fair chunk of dead skin; I just wasn’t aware of quite how much until they came along to attach the robovampire. Up to that point all I could see was the post-op dressing.


Now Joe

Just remember that I have tackety boots a flying broom a scarlet cloak and an inexhaustible supply of bejaysus fluid so behave and get better or I will gnurse you


You’re not going to leave it like that, shurely?


Thee are cases demanding professional, fully intentional poisonings.


True, joe. But you will I hope agree that That Fish is not one of those cases.


Nobody gets to poison That Fish but me.


WtF have you been doing, Gus ?

Liberates Pitcher

Nerves for the Steadying Of …



Caught in another of the HSE’s weird bureaucratic impasses. The robovampire is not available to private outpatients, but if I were on a medical card I’d probably be home tomorrow! Instead, I’m cluttering up a much-needed bed. Insane


Concealed Allergens. Detected in seconds by a finely honed Piscine early warning system and Dealt With.
No cause for alarm.

joe, that is bonkers but not somehow surprising. Grrr


There is likely to be a long letter to a certain S Harris TD detailing some of the stupidities inherent in the system. Basically, they’re all down to the policies of creeping US-style privatisation of healthcare pursued by successive governments. Where once a hospital would maintain its own ancillary staff, those jobs are now subcontracted out to the private sector, who “employ” staff on zero-hours contracts. Then of course said workers are required to be properly certified for the jobs they do; the upshot is a “closed shop” system even more rigid than the one that they thought they were doing away with…


Well of course I didn’t mean anyone who posts here, but I suspect there have been spies…


Who would have thought that replacing exploited workers with even-more-exploited workers plus a new layer of greedy corporate overlords would get more expensive? Well, everyone who didn’t get all their ideas from Stupid CEO Magazine apparently.



Love it!

Soo xx


Joe I know exactly what you mean

I have been hung onto (whether on insurance or medical card) because I have to have injections when my blood is misbehaving

I am perfectly capable of stabbing myself

In fact better than medics cos I know where in hurts in my abdomen

And I decant numerous preloaded needles into 1 syringe so I do not have to stab myself more than once

My blood testing machine is a buy yourself jobbie and the test strips cost a bit

But the time saved is amazing

No doctor’s time involved in getting the sample

No courier needed to take the sample to the lab

No lab person needed to test it

No doctor needed to interpret and prescribe according to the result

Just a pinprick and a text to and from the main vampires in Dublin

It saves time therefore money


The beancounters refuse to pay for the machines

Madness utter madness


Anyhoo, and onna positive note, M had fantastic, no expense spared, care at end-of-life. Really.

I have been, once again, ‘on logistics’. Dear reader, I have aced this - I bluddy hope.

That Poodle has very upset guts, so DD will be travelling down for M’s funeral on her own. DS has written a poem, which he insists he’ll be able to deliver. The Chaplain will be happy to join us forra bit of food, after the main event. Mr Bee izz hangin’ in there and all izz calm in the hive.

joe - you are, at times, a master of understatement. Azza very buzzy bee, I’d like to have a look under That Dressing, but we haven’t yet been properly introduced.

Soo xx



Bejaysus’s fluid kills oodles of bugs

I think we should take some in -just in case…


Aye - just the thing, Twellsy. So, what’s in this potion and should I distill it for better effect?
Soo xx


I think equal parts of fluid with water

Applied with a wire brush…


I’ll just kwoffit and skip the whole wire brush thing. Seriously, I can’t be ill for at least a week. Not an option - no, no, no.
Soo xx