So, who wants to help ... to rattle on in the cellar?


Dear wee birdie

The goats are white

The dairy they live at does assorted goats’ cheeses



Hard with garlic and nettle

Hard with paprika

Hard blue


I hear bad wevver news from Styria. Hope Carinthia’s Carinthian friends are OK.


First thing I thought of on hearing that news was our chatelaine and her friends



All is well, the funeral and reception were warm and comforting. Lots of good friends and family in attendance. DS aced it, with his poem. DD is off to Morpeth (for the Edinburgh train) with her Dad, who was Magnificent in every respect. Happy sigh.

Soo xx


There has been a lot of snow all week, with more forecast

There is forecast to be more snow in Garmisch (Germany) than Moscow this week…

Styrian friends have reported road/pass closures, & motorways will be closed in parts if the authorities have to create an avalanche for safety reasons

So pleased that all went well, Susan, although I would love to know about the Bonkers Cousins when you feel itizz appropriate…





Good! I had already availed myself of such (azz I’m a resourceful bee), but I appreciate a top-up.

Bonkers Cousins? Don’t know where to start. Maybe after a night of sleep and a day of reflection.

Good nights, Cellarites,
Soo xx


More Gin

Sleep well, Sweetheart, you must all be Knackerated



I think the pub where we go for boardgames is Trying Too Hard:


Or ‘avin’ a larf.

I’m glad the Event went well, Soo. I’d been crossing fingers at intervals.

No word from Joe? (worried look)


That might explain the beermat situation: they iz trying to Wean You Offit.
Poor deluded fools…


Dere Soo, one could not hope for a better ‘match report’ than that.
Time forra Bee to breathe a bit and not do too much for a wee while?
Hugliness to you and the Magnificent one.
G xxx


Am waving to Joe Inna Loud Manner

I hope that what passes fer normal service will be resumed tomorrow



Sorry - didn’t report for the very simple reason that there’s been nothing to report. Bored witless and shag all happening about sums it up.

Shite - spoke too soon! Kidneys still not doing what they should. So basically I’m stuck here sine die because of a cock-up on their part, while they go looking for advice from Waterford on “the next step”.

Bear in mind that when I was admitted, it was supposed to be “for a few hours, possibly overnight”. That was on 23 December… :angry:


'Orrible lot. A murrain upon their kidneys.



Oh, joe. Bugga, bugga.
Soo xx


Did you have any idea about your kidney function before this saga started ?

Bugga Indeed

Orff to the Orsepiddle meself shortly, but merely forran blood test




I have brothers and sisters in law complete with numerous nevvies and nieces not too far from Waterford

They could make things interesting for the medics

I can get to you pronto and believe me I can create mayhem in hospitals without trying


Meanwhile, if they don’t let Carinthia out pronto, a few of me Bruvver’s mates are available…


Shall we have bacon butties to fuel our “free the cellar 2” discussions?

I have a rich fruit cake a sossige buttie and a bottle of Gunpowder gin and a file in a ginger loaf for Joe today

I assume it will be sparrer delivery service?

If not I will hang onto this Gunpowder gin I have for the delivery fees


Nobody appears to make a gin called Sparrer Fuel.

Or even Rocket Fuel.

I shall just have to make to wiv me usual.

[flappity] [flappity] [flappity] [flappity] [flappity][flappity][flappity]