So, who wants to help ... to rattle on in the cellar?


Bluddy Sparrowhawk sitting on my garden fence.

It’s not, noo. Pest.

Once Mr Bee the Magnificent returns from the gym, we’ll dodge off to the Fish Quay. It’ll save me from sitting on my lardy-bot, contemplating dust - not the ashes to ashes sort, btw.

Soo xx


This has got silly.

Are you allowed to talk properly to the actual doctor? One of my problems when they started to say “impaired kidney function” at me (it wasn’t, but no thanks to them) was that until I got hold of the doctor who had made this diagnosis and told him bluntly what I thought of him and his hospital and also the horse he rode in on, I was not able to sign myself out because they had frightened me. Afterwards, I could.

How is your foot, which, you might remind them, is the thing you went to the doctor for?


It’s actually even more ridiculous:

• Admitted for leg infection
• Antibiotics caused kidney issues
• Developed breathing problem for which they’ve prescribed cortisone
• Am now on borderline diabetes watch because of cortisone

Meanwhile doctor seems incapable of making any decisions or imparting any information without checking with Waterford.

This does not inspire confidence…


I think the phrase to use on them is “cascade medication”, joe. That is what they have done to you, and it is pretty-much universally regarded as a poor medical practice.

Do you have anyone fighting your corner?


Have someone now! Basic question is why every clinical decision seems to have to be cleared with Waterford; does no one here have any authority/autonomy? If not, should I not be somewhere where they do?

Anyway, a meeting arranged for tomorrow afternoon. We’ll see what they say…


Good. And good luck.

Is the actual foot ok now- ok enough for you to be let loose were it not for the other, iatrogenic, embuggerances?


Afternoon All

I came back from the Orsepiddle , Flumped on the sofa to listen to TA, & woke up at 4pm…

I’ll Hitch me Tenters for you, Joe, that either someone comes to the meeting who can authorise summat, or that you can be taken to Waterford & properly advised

Liberates Pitcher

Snuggles under Noo Knitted Cotton Throw

Gets ready to sweep again



Yes, TA has that effect on a lot of people these days. That or throwing things.


Ready for incoming trebuchet sparrer

A case of Irish gin coming over to you

6 Gunpowder

3 Glendalough

3 Thin

All forra wee birdie that needs fuel for delivery flights




[opens wide]


Walking around perfectly happily - don’t see any reason why I have to be kept in. The only issue is the vac dressing, but there’s no clinical reason that can’t be dealt with by the GP’s practice nurse (though I believe there may be bureaucratic reasons…)

As for Waterford, I wouldn’t place any more faith in there than I do here; they simply don’t have the throughput to see enough cases.


See what happens if you say you are signing yourself out and will be prepared to be treated as an outpatient, but you would like to get a decent night’s sleep for a change.


I’d want to know the specific reasons for continued incarceration. For example - is the faulty kidney function to be actively treated? Or just monitored? Pore joe. What an horrible situation. 'Ave a beely hug.
Soo xx


That’s pretty much the first question we want addressed tomorrow! Along with why every decision seems to be referred to Waterford - either the staff here are competent to deal with the situation or they’re not. If the latter, then why am I being kept here??



I have just swept for another hour



You need to know this, joe. Heavens - I need to know this! There has to be an explanation. My kindest wishes.

Soo xx


Anyhoo, and being a tad bee too (but with my antennae twitching for joe) how might one stop the horrible repetitions of pickled herrings? {Burp} One of the many things purchased at the Fish Quay. The Fishwives, Carinthia, were in Fine Form.
Soo xx


My rowan trees have been hugged to invoke positive actions for Joe tomorrow

I will be thinking of him while my dentist decides which teeth to rescue tomorrow

She has done three out of twelve teeth so far

I may need gin tomorrow


I wouldn’t bother with pickled herrings, Soo, but I’d love a natter with the Fish Wives



Carinthia - I wish you’d been with us. It wozz such fun. The less cheery of the FWs (ahem) wozz bemoaning the “shite” emails she received from her various family members. She shared one with us, and I laughed - azz much in gratitude that our lot aren’t azz bonkers. Incidentally, Dere, the earlier-mentioned Bonkers Cousin had previously contacted BiL, regarding transport and safe storage of her suitcase. You couldn’t make her up, and I wouldn’t want to. I certainly don’t want her to be real.

Much sympathy for the dental w#rk, Twellsy. Notta small thing to be undertaken and I hope all goes well for you.

Soo (otb) xx