So, who wants to help ... to rattle on in the cellar?


Gin, Dahlink




Holds out empty glass

I sewed a finger into a saem today

It’s nearly stopped bleeding

Bluddy rat :rat: poison


Dozy Bugga

You must concentrate, Twellsy



My own fault I know

Still I now know not to try and guide fabric with my left paw which is my clumsy hand

I did manage to put a zipper in so am pleased with myself


I sent you a magnetic seam guide last year Twellsy

Patience, & both hands, carefully



Bread and butter.

Right, lads, time to get turbopumps four and twelve back in good fettle, we’re going to need them all…


Gluck, Twellers. Aye, even unto the Christoph Willibald.
And Gluck joe, also.
May Wednesday be a propitious day for the Cellar’ denizens.
G xxx


Everything here crossed forra Joe finding out WTF is going on

Iam sort of a wee biteen scared here

I have a rather nasty hole in two of my front teefs and they are sharp so my tongue is cut where I keep feeling them

You can’t help exploring such sharp edges can you?


School rice pudding?

(Actually at the school I went to it was the green jelly that was notoriously solid. You could hold the plate upside down for several seconds and see no movement. We assumed it was made wiv washing-up liquid.)



The oldest saying in the English language translates into modern as “tongue seeks sore tooth”.

Pore Twellies. I do hope it is less dire than you fear.


Positive vibes for our Twellsy. Also for our joe and this afternoon’s meeting. Not that I am desperately wanting to neb into his business, at all. Ahem.

Nothing much izz planned, for today. We should prolly go shopping - I have written a menu plan to encourage/force us into action. We are lolling about like lolling-about-things. Forgot that today izz Wednesday, so didn’t go to the kirk. Ah, well.

Soo xx


We have to book rooms for the Worldcon in Dublin in August (booking for the convention-rate hotel rooms opens at 2pm today) and are looking at the hotels in walking distance of the convention centre and going “yurgh” about the newness of them. Oh well.



You were at an important funeral yesterday

Perhaps a bit of lolling, with a Gin, is permitted today

Tenters are Hitched for Joe & Twellsy

Try to leave the teeth alone, Twellsy. If the Warfarin isn’t right, you could end up in Orsepiddle too. There are times when behaving oneself pays orff…



Where’s it being held? And when? Might be able to suggest a few more traditional places. Can certainly ask around


Second weekend in August, at The convention centre (


OK - I’ll have a look


Do look Joe

There are many charming hotels in Dublin

3 teeth filled today and more decay found so that is sent away for

I was in the chair for a whole hour and went through three sterile packs of tools


Apparently my teefs are crumbling faster than she can fix them

But Dublin in August?

A trip could be taken to see a fish and dunnock and Joe if he is freed from horsey piddle


Only if the fish/dunnock pair would like the idea of a visit


I’ve heard that Dublin has the odd decent pub…

Twellsy: Titanium Teef of Doom?


I would hope to God* that Joe is freed from Orsepiddle by August :mask:

*Other Deities are available