So, who wants to help ... to rattle on in the cellar?


How about a micro brewery with a pub attached dear wee birdie?


Micro brewery wiv pub’ wiv rooms would suit everyone, methinks…



The trouble is that we want parking, as well as old and not too expensive and reasonably close to the Worldcon, which is at the Convention Centre on the Liffey at Spencer Dock. I don’t think these things are all possible; even new and expensive four-star doesn’t always have parking around those parts.


It’s just an initial thought

Yon Bull’s first comment was “We will have to trundle up to see them” when I said a Dublin stay was on the cards for our piscine/avian friends


Take a look at the Spencer Hotel, Dublin … it used to be Jury’s Inn Custom House Quay (or at least it’s where Jury’s Custom House used to be). There certainly used to be a multi-storey car park just behind the hotel, which they had a concessionary rate with for hotel guests and it worked out quite reasonable. It’s also close by Dublin Port.

Not as close, but still reasonably nearby, would be Jury’s Parnel Street - again, no parking belonging to the hotel as far as I can recall, but it’s adjacent to a large multi-storey which I think they have an arrangement with.

You could go much farther out, towards Saggart / Citywest; you’d find a reasonable hotel with plenty of parking, and you could use the Luas (trams) to get into the city centre.


The Bull has just told me that the Spencer hotel is near a restaurant called

The Drunken Fish

What a slur on our dear fishy


Seems the Spencer Hotel is a new one … looks like Jury’s Inn Custom House Quay still exists, in some shape or form! At least it’s shown on Google Maps, but I can’t find it on the Jury’s website, so maybe it has changed hands …

edit to add: ahhhhh, it’s Hilton Garden Inn now.


Many thanks to the Bull; the Hilton Garden Inn Custom House and the Spencer are both on the “concessionary rates for the convention” list, which was where we started out before the convention website crashed under the strain of people from all over the world all trying to use it at once at two this afternoon…

We have booked pro tem into The Maldron Hotel, Pearse Street, and started to look into taking out a second mortgage. We can apparently cancel our booking any time between now and Friday 10th May 2019 and be refunded in full, so I shan’t give up just yet!


That sounds reasonable! I don’t know the Maldron on Pearse Street … I do know where it is, but I think it’s quite new. But we have both stayed in other Maldrons, and found them pretty good. It’s a little farther, but still a reasonably short walk, via a pedestrian bridge.


Not saying this inna meepish way, but I’d love to turn up in Dublin to shock you all. It won’t happen - be ye not afraid.
Shopping has been achieved - go the bees!
House clearance, tomorrow, so I’ll be requiring a kwoff-or-two, later on. For sleepage.
I am thinking about our joe…
Soo xx


I can confirm that Maldron hotels we have used are comfortable and the one in Cork was an old building transformed into an hotel


Thanks for the information about the footbridge! I was wondering whether we’d have to go a long way round.


Bach or Brubeck?

Brubeck, he said and so itizz.

Soo xx


Don’t think I could do any better than that. Expect a long overdue meet-up!!

Meanwhile, lab results have turned up another issue - some bug that can be resident in the gut undiscovered for decades, so I may always have had it! Perfectly harmless under normal circumstances, but cause for isolation in hospital - so the upshot is I get a private room. I’m not complaining!

All being well, it should only be a few more days - the doc even provisionally OK’d the Milan trip at the end of the month :crossed_fingers:t2:


That’s better than might have been imagined, joe*. Mr Bee hazz pinned down yer bug (from a distance and without anything to go on, really - bless him). Enjoy a better night of sleep!
Soo xx
*by me


Well, I’d give that news 2.3 cheers, joe; is this isolation-bug actually doing you any harm where it is? And what about your kidneys, or were they not mentioned?


Kidneys just take time, apparently; no danger of long-term/permanent impairment, which was what was worrying us.

The noo bug is not a worry, either - I’ve probably been carrying it for years. Their concern is for other patients who could have compromised immune systems, so they’re isolating me as a precaution. As I said, I’m not about to complain!


Well, no, indeed; the fewer machines going ping at you all night, the better.


Oh Joe

A private room is a blessing and means the impatient at least gets sleep and a door to shut on the rest of the ward


You escape the hordes of visitors other impatients seem to feel are essential


joe, the Typhoid Mary de nos jours

But hurrah! for the splendid isolation, and for the prospect of escape.

Just watch out for over-zealous probationers with a notion that you should be boiled :flushed: