So, who wants to help ... to rattle on in the cellar?


It is utterly blissful at the moment. The only sound is the pump for the vac dressing chugging along like an old two-stroke.

Better yet, when I turn in I can bung on the radio on the phone - no headphones needed! Back to something like normality at last…

Oh and space - glorious, SPACE


I am relishing your space! No, hang on - what am I saying? That sounded rood.

Get well, in your Splendid Isolation, joe. We’ll organise a troupe of chickens, with which to entertain you. Have a tumbler of 3rd rate gin - Hedgers or Twellsy will be along, soon enough, to chuck it in the Isolation Aspidistra and give you summick decent.

Soo xx


Rather than relish the space, I think it would make more sense to mayonnaise it…


Couldn’t be butter!


Pore joe - he’ll be smeared with all sorts of greasiness, by now. Well - at least he has a bit of space. Someone give him a decent drink, at least.
I’m knackerated and off to bed,
Soo xx


Gin Soo


Call me old fashioned, Joe. But haven’t you been in there over 2 weeks BEFORE they decide to isolate you from innocent inmates ?

Y’see, I’d call that “a bit late” if I was asked.


I’d call it drumming up business.

Orf to me nest.


Were I joe, I might take quite the huff at that, dere Armers. Or to put it another way: ‘Innocent, my arse!’
But end result, joe is in a small and eejit-free zone and with a prospect of Whitby, sorry, of release on the horizon, to go back to the bosom of his pining chickens. And his own bed. The aforementioned are not precisely co-locsted, you understand…


Not that the Cellar is a Den of Iniquity or anything, but I hope you will be proud knowing that I answered a midnight call to dispose of a body.


That is the name of #2 son’s local, in Wapping.

The next one along is ‘The Captain Kidd’ where the old guy, doubtless claiming to be innocent also, was hung twice. Apparently, the first time, he was found not to be well hung.

Make of that what you will. I reckon there are coincidences here.


‘hanged’, dahling, ‘hanged’.

Coincidence? I think not. It never is, you know ;- )



I have an Snoozette & see that itizz all happening here again



That’s wot friends are for. I mean, the number of times one of me Bruvver’s mates has called him up and said “I was just having a drink wiv this bloke and he’s keeled over, and you know wot the filth are like, can we just make this go away”…

Oh good, you beat me to it.



I’ll be orff to the Orsepiddle in an hour

Could you manage to behave yourselves whilst I am out ? :wink:



I allus behave just like meself.

This is why That Fish says “behave someone sensible”.


Hi honeys I’m on the train :steam_locomotive:

To go to the blood hospital to get my blood testing machine checked against their machine so they are certain that my blood is being dosed correctly

Joes hamper is porky :pig: pies and a jar of apple and sultana chutney

A fruit and malt loaf with butter for snacks

A bottle of Shirley Bassey is tucked in as a change from gin

The wee delivery sparrer has the same in irs hamper



(trying trebuchet-assisted launch 'cos I is a lazy sparrer.)


There is another theory, which has more to do with The Boss raising a certain amount of hell the day before and demanding a meeting with the doc. The “suddenly discovered infection” could simply be a fiction to cover the catalogue of cock-ups since my admission. Odd that the throat/lung issue seems to have disappeared after a night’s decent sleep away from a bunch of eejits coughing and spluttering all round me, isn’t it?


I’m glad it has cleared up, whatever the reason, joe. Sleep is a great healer…