So, who wants to help ... to rattle on in the cellar?


Pleased to hear you sounding better, Joe

Am going to have an Snoozette



Excellent idea; I’ve just had one.


Well, stress and sleep deprivation can have 'orrible effects upon one’s physiology, joe. I am very glad to read that you have shaken this particular embuggerance off - even if it’s yer bugga-bugs that have brought about respite.

Mr Bee monitored the house clearing chaps on his own. Not my choice, but he survived and izz now in quiet and restful mode.

I have some halibut, for dinner, and propose to griddle it after a lemon juice, olive oil, butter, garlic, honey and soy sauce (teeny-weeny amount of the latter two) marinade. Plain veg - boiled tatties, green beans and capers.

Soo xx


Been to the Black Pool and had my blood machine tested

Now home with a treat of an M&S ready meal to bung in to hot up when the oven hots itself up

Is it beer o’clock please?


I don’t know what time it is, Twellsy

Half an hour ago I was told that my BiL has been found dead on his sofa

I was supposed to be going there this weekend with Snake & Tiddly Pies

My head hurts



Oh, Carinthia, I’m so sorry!


Carinthia dear one

I am so sorry to hear this


Nothing to add, Dear Carinthia.
Much love,
Soo xx


Oh Carinthia. All my sympathy goes out to you. Would you like a {{hug}}?


Yes Please, Fishy

What a Bluddy Day





Oh C. That’s terrible & my great sympathies.


It is, indeed, utterly terrible and my thoughts and prayers (cos I do such) go out to Carinthia. She knows this, I am certain xx

Does our joe have a medical report?

Soo xx


Huh. I have a Sudden Daughter coming to lunch tomorrow . Scrambled eggs and new bread have been ordered… Also a lift from the station, since she will have taken her hired car back to its garage preparatory to flying out.


No bother, is she?
Just like mine, Fishers.
Soo xx


It was & is a shock

I was prepared to be regaled with the latest odd behaviour - he has form,as you know, but I am not happy that a Carinthian Darling died alone

I hope that it was quick



Carinthia, sometimes the most peaceful of deaths are achieved alone. This can be difficult to envisage but, from my own experience, I have known of two.
Soo xx


Of course it is a shock, you daft bugga.
((((hugs)))). One of us really should be on hand to administer medicinals. Azzit is, will instructions to make yourself a hot water bottle and a medium brandy and top each up as seems necessary do any good?


I know, Darling, it’s the Catholic in me wot does it

I am feeling very sorry for poor Nearly Ex Son in Law who was on the scene seconds after Marian had been shot, 15 years ago, & who opened the door to find Victor today



Fevvery Hugs forra Carinthia.

Annan extry-small vodka just to take the edge off.