So, who wants to help ... to rattle on in the cellar?


Excellent Bird.
Azza bee, I am inadequate to the task of staying awake.
Kindest wishes, all,
Soo xx


Rough old day forra Bee and her Mister, too.
Gussish hugs and good wishes directed at That Hive.
zzzz. xxxx. Something from the arse-end of the alphabet, anyway.


Nothing of any import compared to C’s shock. My deepest and sincerest sympathies.


Thank-you Joe, but you are very important to us

Nearly Ex Son in Law said he looked as though he were asleep, which is helping

Tomorrow I will buy Brandy & Vodka



Damn bluddy right. Wivvout flowers in, I hope.
Phone was charging, Dahlink. Sorry.
G xxx

OK, all imagine Gus wivva little red cape and a carving fork, confronting a charging phone. Not going to end well, izzit?


Snork !

My 'phone is charging too

I am sitting with my Special Candle burning, & Pondering



Go fer the screen wiv sunnink pointy.

A pigeon has just slid down the wet solar panels.



I have been thinking back to numerous so called sudden deaths that I attended in my days as a copper

The ones where someone just seems to fall asleep were invariably a peaceful quick painless way to go
Also it seemed that a lot of folk wait until alone before quietly dying
I am certain that has not changed

I just think that Victor is with Marian where he has wanted to be since her senseless murder

It is my hope that we who know our C can be a tiny comfort to her

So our chatelaine is hugged sensible

You don’t think I could hug someone silly given that silly is my starting point?

Any word of a release forra Joe?

I am shopping today

With M so things will be done proper not a la Bull who is a shopper at Mach 2 or more


A shopping expedition should be planned like any other job: tunnel in from the shop next door, crack the safe, take wot you want, and get away before anybody notices wot’s going on.


Next door shop?

My local supermarkets are one each side of the Gardai station

I ain’t yer bruvver wee birdie


Now look what you’ve done.


Dear fish audio warfare only works if I click the arrow
I has NOT clicked on said arrow

Smug font


Perfick. They never check their cellars.


They do check their cells which are frequently occupied


Good afternoon, Cellarites.

Having spent an inordinate amount of time lolling-about, we bees have prepared a 'normous vat of minestrone soup, utilising veg that might otherwise have been wasted :open_mouth: That’s about as interesting (!) as it’s likely to get for the remainder of the day. Thank goodness.

I am thinking about Carinthia and have my candle lit. Also, I wonder how joe’s doing - plus any of you, really.

Soo xx


or “Mummy’s 'orrible stew”, as mine was greeted on one memorable occasion.


It’s delicious! I hope that you ignored the criticism and made sure that nothing else was on the menu, Gus.

Sis has decided that she’ll be coming to stay in the middle of February (she and BiL are to have their kitchen refitted and she’'l be escaping the mess). I find myself, already, trying to decide upon meals to provide. I know that this is ridiculous - we cook every evening, anyhoo. Daft bee.

Soo xx


Not ridiculous at all. Unless you are worrying about it. That would be, a bit.

And, for no particular reason:


Luvvit, Gus! A good enough reason?

No, I’m not worrying, but I think I should try not to overthink stuff azza general principle.

Soo xx



I am about to start cooking - the makings of fish pie were got out yesterday, so will have to be used

I think that I may cook the snake & tiddly & freeze it in pie-sized portions

Today I went to Mass at Lunchtime, & then the Orsepiss Chapel - hedging my bets, prolly, as Victor had long given up on God

Vodka & Brandy have been purchased . The Violet Vodka wot I have is delicious, & really goes well with Fizz turning it a delicate shade of lilac

That & The Blessed Fishy’s Raspberry/Blackberry Vodkas are the only sort of ‘flavoured’ Spirits wot I like

I was given Fig Vodka some years ago, which was revolting, & the Salted Caramel- flavoured Stolly which I bravely & womanfully tasted at the Hamburg Hairyport wasn’t worthy of the name…