So, who wants to help ... to rattle on in the cellar?


Some people (naming no bird in particular) like vodka into which Fisherman’s Friends have been dissolved…


{{{{{Unworthy preen}}}}}

Wottevva helps, Carinthia. Avvanug, too.

I am preparing Anglesey eggs with roasted kale.

Soo xx


It’s called The Tipsy Tart too, Soo…



I bet you could dissolve Parma Violets in vodka…


I used to love parma violets

Can you still get them?


Parma violets are obtainable, Twellsy. I adore most scented confectionery Mr Bee bought me rose Turkish Delight, for Christmas - I haven’t yet sampled it, azz I’m w#rking my way through the pistachio sort. Yum!

Tipsy Tart, eh, Carinthia?
Happy memories,
Soo xx


Mrs. A is, surprisingly, a Tipsy Tart aficionado. She has Rose Petal gin of theirs which, she tells me, tastes like Turkish Delight.

When I suggest she just buys Turkish Delight & dips it in Gin she gets tetchy. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:



Imagine that, Armers :wink:
Rose Petal gin sounds fab. I’d like to sample it alongside my Rose Turkish Delight.
I feel a Turkish meal coming on. DS will be joining us for lunch, on Tuesday and always just goes with the parental flow…
Soo xx


I had a Sudden Daughter to lunch today. Which was pleasant.


Always Good, Fishers.
Soo xx


It appears they now do Rose Vodka, no longer Rose Gin.



This is one of those drinks it might be worth making, if one had an old-fashioned scented rose-bush.

£18 for 200ml is fairly pricey.


I return my learned friend to the proposal to dip Turkish delight into basic vodka !

(Actually I think its a liqueur vodka)


Itizz, Armers, but not syrupy sweet, which is why I like it - & for the memories of Parma Violets of course

It can be ‘fortified’ with Ornery Vodka, or, as I say, added to Fizz



I’m not struck on vodka, tbh (on account of very historical alcohol poisoning) but Mr Bee gave me these boozy fruits for Christmas:

and they were reet grand. Also, cherries with gin:

Quite a lot of syrup involved, but they have proved Very Nice.
Not azz nice as the mandarins in Cointreau, that DD made for me a few years ago. She can’t, we can’t, source mandarins anywhere.
Soo xx


I thought that all tangerines were mandarin oranges, but mandarin oranges are not all tangerines. If you see what I mean.


I do. And we haven’t seen tangerines for yonks, either.
Soo xx


That’s the sort of thing that leads to thoughts of serious Black Forest gateau…


Those cherries in gin are a serious dessert ingredient, joe.
I have fond memories of sharing a slice of BFG with a college friend on infrequent trips to a coffee shop in Carmarthen…
Soo xx


Is it possible that the “easy peeler” small sweet satsumas for children, for sale in Lidl, might actually be mandarins? I haven’t investigated them very thoroughly.